Illuminati Nutrition Guidelines Make Us Sick — July 11, 2018

BigFatSurprise-NinaTeicholzNina Teicholz’s 2014 book The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet is a bestseller that continues to get kudos for its meticulous research, engaging writing and iconoclastic takedown of the 60-year war against dietary fat.
The low-fat high carb orthodoxy that has governed nutrition throughout our lives is another example of monied elites deceiving and exploiting society for profit. 
They create sickness that supports a two trillion dollar pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. At the same time, they suppress and intimidate truthseekers like Nina Teicholz, left, who blew the lid off the vegetable oil scam in 2014.  More proof that Western society is a satanic cult that controls and exploits its members by making them sick.

Nina Teicholz- Bulldozer for Truth 

by Anne Mullens — (excerpt by 

A 2003 piece on trans fats for Gourmet was a blockbuster, gaining wide circulation and garnering her a six-figure advance for a book on trans fats.
Looking back, Nina is very grateful that she spent the first three years of her research “entering in through the trans fat door, getting to know all about the vegetable oil industry.” Industry executives were very open to her. “I had wide open access because at that point, I was just learning. I asked for people’s time and they gave it. No battle lines had yet been drawn.”
This research gave her an unique understanding about the power of the vegetable oil industry and how it had manipulated nutrition science–in particular, the “diet-heart hypothesis,” which holds that saturated fat causes heart disease. She even learned that Proctor & Gamble, the makers of Crisco Oil (a hardened oil with trans fats), helped raise millions of dollars which enabled the American Heart Association to go from a small volunteer organization to a national powerhouse.
“I got to understand the magnitude of the vegetable oil industry and how important the demonization of saturated fat was to them. How much they had influenced the science, funded the science. How powerful they were,” said Nina.
I would get off the phone and be shaking, like, I am investigating the underworld?


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