Jezebel Attacked The Vigilant Citizen … Here’s Why They Should Stay in Their Lane

Vigilant Citizen — July 10, 2018

Jezebel, a blog that targets women with toxic, clickbait-y articles, attacked The Vigilant Citizen site in a hit piece article. Maybe they should look into their company’s shameful past instead.
Throughout its decade of existence, The Vigilant Citizen has been mentioned several times by major publications. Some articles were objective, well researched and motivated by a desire to inform. Others, like this Jezebel article, have been all-out hit pieces aimed at discrediting my work, probably because it doesn’t comply with the agenda they’re trying to shove down people’s throats.
I usually don’t bother replying to these articles because, simply put, I don’t care. I write articles analyzing various topics and I let people draw their own conclusions. Unlike sites like Jezebel, The Vigilant Citizen is about presenting facts, not dictating what you should think about facts.
But when I read this purposely misleading article on Jezebel that attempts to discredit the Vigilant Citizen with contorted arguments, my face scrunched up in incomprehension. Is Jezebel actually giving a lecture about “credibility”? Really? Jezebel? The same Jezebel that was founded by the infamous Gawker media empire?
The now-defunct Gawker was a marketing company that founded several websites including Lifehacker, Clickhole, Kotaku, Jezebel and its flagship website Its Wikipedia entry states:
“Throughout its existence, Gawker maintained a reputation as one of the most unscrupulous elements of new media and a constant example of yellow journalism.”
– Wikipedia, Gawker
So, yeah, if they could not lecture other sites about credibility, that would be great.

Distorting the Facts

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