Trump’s Iran Strategy: Rhetoric Versus Reality — July 10, 2018

trump-iranHave you noticed that the US is at loggerheads with almost every country in the world except Israel?
According to Shayan Zarrin, US bullying will unite the world in an NWO based on opposition to US hegemony.
Shayan Zarrin is 18 years old. His ideas are exceptional from a man of any age. 

Persian Nationalist: The Truth about Iran Protests

By Shayan Zarrin — (

The recent anti-regime protests that have spread to almost all of Iran’s provinces could very well be orchestrated by the Mossad/CIA.
On the outside, it looks like the Trump administration wants to use this unrest to overthrow the Islamic regime.
Rudy Giuliani said, “We are now … able to see the end of the regime in Iran. The Soviet Union looked unbelievably powerful, and then one day it disappeared. The fact is that the Khamenei regime is much weaker than the Soviet Union ever was . . . . Freedom will come.”
The alternative media is promoting the narrative that Iran is an enemy of the Jewish Power elite, (which I debunked in this article,) and that Netanyahu and the Zionist Deep State here in the U.S. are hellbent on overthrowing the Ayatollahs in Iran. I do not believe that the end goal for Iran is regime change. The rhetoric and escalation of sanctions against Iran are designed to bring Iran to the negotiating table.

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