David Davis resignation: what we know so far

Graham Russell — The Guardian July 9, 2018

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  • David Davis, the UK’s Brexit secretary, has resigned from the cabinet following Friday’s summit at Chequers.
  • In his resignation letter, he blamed the “dilution” of what he said was a firm Chequers agreement, delays to the White Paper, and omissions from the “backstop” customs proposal that would leave the UK in a “weak negotiating position” at best. He says his role requires an “enthusiastic believer” in May’s approach rather than a “reluctant conscript”.
  • He was followed by deputy, Steve Baker, and another Brexit minister Suella Braverman.
  • Theresa May responded with a letter voicing her sorrow that he is leaving just eight months before the UK’s official withdrawal from the EU. She said she disagreed with his characterisation of what was agreed at Chequers on Friday, saying powers would be returned to the UK from Brussels and that MPs would get to vote on areas where the idea of a “common rulebook” with the EU would be applied.
  • Theresa May is due to address the House of Commons on Monday morning.
  • Vocal pro-Brexit MPs welcomed Davis’s move, with Andrea Jenkyns saying the next move was to make this a “game changer for Brexit” and calling for Boris Johnson to act.
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the pro-Brexit European Research Group faction, said the prime minister “would be well advised to reconsider” the Brexit vision she believed she had secured at Friday’s Cabinet summit at Chequers.