The Shortage of Humans — July 9, 2018

angola-top-ten-countries-with-highest-birth-rates9 of the 10 countries with the top birthrate are in Africa.
After decades of toxic feminist (homosexual) propaganda and policies, much of the world is facing a demographic crisis. We cannot replenish our populations without im-migration.  Spanish blogger Felix Rodrigo Mora shows how, with the exception of Africa, human reservoirs are drying up. This puts the migrant crisis in a different perspective while underlining the necessity to increase European fertility.
The Demographic Crisis & Solution 

by Felix Rodrigo Mora — (Excerpt by 

Spain has the lowest birthrate in the world, 1.3 per woman, even behind the very senile and aged Japan, which is at 1.4. Thus it advocates immigration as a solution…
What nobody is talking about, the labor-supplying countries are becoming demographically exhausted as well. They have an aging and elderly population condemned to live miserably, to die prematurely and frighteningly due to the emigration of their young people. Let’s examine some creepy cases.
Romania is today, together with Morocco and China, the main provider of neo-servile labor to Spain. The Spanish economy works thanks to the workers contributed by these three countries.
What is happening in Romania? In 1992 it had 23 million inhabitants but in 2017 it had fallen to 19 million; that is, in 25 years it has lost 4 million, 17% of its population! In 2017, it had 79,000 births and 109,000 deaths. The number of children per woman is 1.38, substantially insufficient because it is far from the minimum necessary, 2.1. This is a consequence of emigration, which leads young people out and leaves the elderly so that more of the population is over 65 than the under 14,  an indicator of the liquidation of the country. To put it bluntly: Romania is in a spiral of self-destruction and destruction. Emigration is annihilating it. Young people are missing to care for the elderly. And to produce basic goods at affordable prices. And to give continuity to Romanian culture, history, idiosyncrasy and language. Therefore, with Romania, a silent genocide is being committed, that “our” fascist scoundrels justify and promote.


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