Nantes rioting enters fourth day as policeman charged over shooting of young black man

David Chazan — July 7, 2018

Rioting over the killing of a young black man by police erupted for the fourth consecutive night in the western French city of Nantes early Saturday despite an officer being charged with manslaughter.

Groups of youths from housing estates torched vehicles and hurled petrol bombs at police, who responded with tear gas.

A building was set on fire, but firefighters quickly brought the blaze under control. The clashes, which broke out after midnight, ended around dawn.

The unrest exposed tensions in deprived urban areas of France, where minorities complain of heavy-handed policing, and raised fears that clashes could spread.

The policeman who shot Aboubakar Fofana, 22, was charged on Friday night after abandoning his claim that he fired because the man was reversing at high speed towards a group of police and children.

Protesters marched through Nantes in the wake of the death. Click to enlarge

Protesters marched through Nantes in the wake of the death. Click to enlarge

The officer’s lawyer, Laurent-Franck Lienard, said: “He recognises that he made a statement that did not conform with the truth.”

After 24 hours of questioning, the policeman, who has not been named, told investigators that his gun went off “accidentally” as he struggled with Fofana, who was at the wheel of his car.

The officer, who has been released on bail, was described as “devastated” and “in a state of shock” after the death. 

Five of his colleagues had backed his earlier version of events, which was challenged by witnesses. 

Pierre Sennès, the Nantes prosecutor, said an arrest warrant for Fofana had been issued last year. He was suspected of “theft in an organised gang, handling stolen goods and criminal association.”

Since Fofana’s death on Tuesday, rioting has hit several areas of Nantes. Shops and public buildings have been ransacked or damaged and several dozen vehicles have been burned. 

Clashes also broke out in Garges-lès-Gonnesse, the Paris suburb where the dead man lived. A police car was attacked and dustbins were set ablaze.

The deaths of young men while fleeing or resisting police have triggered riots in predominantly immigrant areas of France several times in recent decades.

Three weeks of nationwide rioting broke out in 2005 after the deaths of two youths who were electrocuted while hiding from police in an electrical substation.

Last year clashes erupted in a Paris suburb after police were accused of sodomising a young black man with a truncheon. Four officers were charged over the incident.


Footnote — July 7, 2018

Nantes riots

Although the policeman who shot Aboubakar Fofanan has now been formally charged, there is no escaping the fact that such events have become a regular feature in Europe, where large urban areas are fraught with high unemployment and high crime rates.
While we reserve judgement on the actual shooting it does seem that Aboubakar Fofana, who had a string of convictions for petty crimes and drug offences, was a habitual criminal.
Nonetheless such unrest is now routine in large parts of Western Europe. The result of mass immigration that has turned formerly cohesive homogenous communities into ghettoes.
This didn’t happen 40-50 years ago and it hasn’t happened by accident. The Illuminati and their agents in media and politics have promoted mass immigration, under a variey of pretexts, deriding anyone who opposed the idea as “racist”.
However, their intention was to fragment formerly homogenous communities and turn them into multiracial, multicultural societies where the principle of divide and rule was paramount.
This has become evident in many major Western European cities, where immigrant dominated “no-go zones” are now a fact of life; where brute force and the power of money have suplanted the rule of law.
This exactly what the moneyed elite like George Soros want. He doesn’t want to actually help migrants. He wants to use them to fragment cohesive communities so as to bring them under the rule of his fellow oligarchs. Ed.