The Iran Deception — July 6, 2018

Iranian parliament“There is a reason why both the North Korean & the Iranian regimes have been kept on a life support by the banking cartel for all these decades. They are all chess pieces in the grand chess game being played out by the agents of the coming NWO.”
(Disclaimer- The role Iran and its allies played in destroying CIA-Mossad-created ISIS tends to contradict this view of Iranian collusion with the NWO. However, it does seem that all the politicians are Freemasons. World-events reflect a real or pretend conflict within Freemasonry.)

by Umar (See bio below) — ( 

To understand the Iranian deception we have to dig deep inside the rabbit hole to find answers.
There has been plenty of research done on the dubious origins of the Iranian Revolution and those who had spearheaded it. In this article, I shall discuss the present state of the regime. While the alternative media has become complacent in churning out the Iranian regime’s propaganda & talking points, they refuse to debunk or even question the regime’s narrative.
Iran is home to 30,000 Jews, the largest Jewish population in the Middle East.  Contrary to consensus, Iranian Jews do exert some form of socio-economic influence domestically.
We must also not forget that the Jews currently residing in Isfahan, a city of 2 million, hold a leading role in the end times Islamic eschatology.
Iranian Jews are not only the poster child of the Anti-Zionist movement among the Jews but according to Islamic prophecy, they are also the sleeper agents and the torchbearers of the NWO Messiah.



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