Who is insane? Captive? Or captors?

Norman Scarth — July 2, 2018

As one who was proud to be British until the age of 70, I tell this story with sadness, shame & sorrow.
Below is a typed copy of a handwritten letter from Peter Hofschroer.
When reading it, bear in mind that none of the Tyrants/Dictators of the past would have been able to indulge their malice without millions of lesser tyrants prepared to put their humanity to one side in return for the rewards from being part of the tyranny.
Tragically, such is the situation in Britain today – & it seems, in Austria).
The 1,067 words of Peter’s letter reveal the analytical mind of a historian (which he is) with clarity of thought, perception, rationality, insight, reasonableness – & a wry sense of humour.
That he should retain those qualities (after all that has been inflicted on him these recent years) indicates a person of exceptional mental strength.
I repeat the question in the Subject Heading, “Who is insane?  Captive?  Or Captors?”
Reading the letter, you will wonder why on earth this obviously sane man is currently incarcerated in a (so-called) ‘Mental Hospital’ in Austria.
The answer is that he has, over the years, been blowing the whistle on the corruption, which, sadly, is rampant in Britain (&, it seems, in Austria).  
Those still blissfully unaware of the true state of Orwellian Britain (& Austria), need to know that any & every means will be used to silence whistle-blowers, incarceration in so-called ‘Mental Hospitals’ being a favoured method for those whose evidence of corruption is irrefutable.
The State is then able to dismiss the evidence as the ramblings of a mentally disturbed person.
Another advantage is that while a person in prison usually has a release date, the person in a ‘Mental Hospital’ has none.
Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzheitsyn described the practice as ‘Worse than the gas chambers’.
Britain is indeed an Orwellian Police State, corruption & malpractice being rampant throughout the land, nowhere more so than in the courts.
Anyone who seeks to blow the whistle on malpractice is putting themselves in grave danger.
As a whistle-blower myself, I know this only too well, my activities having brought many years of persecution, becoming serious from the age of 73.
It included physical attacks & incarceration in a succession of different prisons.  Followed by illegal incarceration in Stalinist ‘Mental Hospitals’.
That was my position in 2005, when I was 80 years of age, continuing in 2006/7.  I never expected to get out alive, but a miracle happened:
A psychiatrist who knew me was promoted to Consultant, &, knowing I was completely sane, now had the power to release me.  However, he also knew that releasing me immediately would have been ‘rocking the boat’ rather too much, & could affect his own career.
So, he put me through a period of ‘rehabilitation’ before releasing me as ‘cured’.
But that was not the end: I continued to expose corruption, which brought more physical attacks, & more imprisonment (for ‘Contempt’) until, at the age of 86 I belatedly accepted that Britain is not a safe place for anyone who tells the truth, & fled the land of my birth (the land for which I fought in World War 2) & sought safety abroad.
That is just a little of my story.  Safe here in Ireland (without the constant fear of having my door kicked in), I am happy & content – but am still continuing to expose the horrors I know of in Britain – & now in Austria!
Which brings me back to Peter Hofschroer.
He too was a whistle-blower, but is in a much less happy position than me.
Of dual nationality (British & German) he had been living in Austria, but was tricked into going to Britain, when he was arrested on very vague charges.  Not convicted of any crime, he was held ‘On Remand’ for two years, much longer than the six months which The Law usually allows.
Eventually, there was a ‘trial’,  but it was certainly not a ‘Fair Trial’, as required by Article 6.  Be that as it may, he was convicted.  The ‘offences’ were at the lower end of the scale, & would not normally have resulted in a prison sentence.  However, having been in prison for two years already, the judge could hardly quash the prison time & impose a fine.  So, he imposed a prison sentence equivalent to the time already spent in prison.
This SHOULD have meant his immediate release.  But how to prevent him resuming his exposure of corruption?   A Nuthouse would have been the obvious solution, but they could hardly do that with Peter.  While in prison he had been examined by the eminent psychiatrist Dr Elizabeth Gethins, who had been unequivocal in saying he was completely sane.  In paragraph 4.4 of her Report, she wrote, On the basis of the evidence before me, I can find no evidence to suggest that Mr Hofschroer is suffering from a mental illness. I am of the opinion that there is no current role for mental health services in the onward management of this case.”
So, the wheels of international corruption were set in motion.  On the flimsiest of charges, he was extradited to Austria, & put in prison there.  Not convicted of any crime in that country, he was again held ‘On Remand’.  This continued for several months, during which time his supporters were seeking help from all those organisation who purport to be concerned about political prisoners.   Eventually, Amnesty International made a much belated & very timid approach to the prison.
Within two days, Peter was whipped away from the prison, to the Nuthouse where he is now held (for anyone who knows anything about Amnesty International, it is no surprise that they appear to have lost interest!)   
Badly though Peter was treated in Britain, it is worse in Austria (which is of course, why he was extradited to that country).  
Britain has Habeas Corpus (in theory, if not in practice).  Austria does not.
Taking action through the courts to secure his release, in Britain, Peter would be able to present his own case, as a Litigant In Person, & would be well able to do so – much better than any lawyer who might be forced upon him!   That is not allowed in Austria, which still has Nazi Law, insisting that only a lawyer can act in court.
The ‘good'(?) lawyer who now purports to be representing Peter, wouldn’t open his eyes until a large sum of money had been paid ‘up front’,  And so, we, his supporters, have been forced to raid our piggy banks (& in some cases have borrowed money) to find this ransom money (something approaching É20,000 so far).  This ‘good’ lawyer, is accepting without challenge the refusal by the Austrian court to accept the Psychiatric Report by Dr Gethin (or the evidence of their own eyes & ears as he speaks, or Peter’s writings, such as you have read), but is demanding a Report from an Austrian shrink – which means MORE money.  What a racket!
Several weeks have gone by since the ransom money was handed over, but not a word of any meaningful action since.
Ah, well, it’s only money!
That is just a little of what has been, & is being done to Peter.  Bad enough that he is suffering such treatment, but his frail, wheel-chair-bound 89 year old mother is suffering at least as much.  Google ‘Grandma B’ for more.
Norman Scarth.
PS:  I hope you are outraged by what has been done to Peter & his mother, in supposedly ‘civilised’ countries, but spare a thought also for Maurice Kirk (The Flying Vet), & Sabine McNeill (active in opposing the forced adoption of children).   Both law-abiding people, they are both 73 years of age, both suffering from ill-health, but are both currently in prisons – for ‘Contempt’.   As are may others, of whom we know nothing.
No-one who has a inkling of what goes on in our court s can have anything BUT contempt for them!  NS.
Note: The original, hand written letter is quite legible. I have typed the text, below, to make it more so, &, to make passages easier to find, have added paragraph numbers.
(Original will be scanned & will be available.)
Dear Norman,  24th May 2018
  • Thanks for your fax of yesterday’s date and your efforts on my behalf. I did contact North Yorkshire’s MEPs some years ago to try to enlist their support. This turned out to be another dead-end, although at first it did seem that somebody in UKIP – a priest, whose name I cannot recall – did make some helpful noises at first, but when it came to actually doing anything, they did not want to know.
  • As for psychiatry, I think that “profession” is a refuge for rogues, sadists and the severely disturbed. Physical medical treatment has to produce a tangible, physical result. Psychiatry is largely mumbo-jumbo and run by people who never have to produce a tangible, physical result. It is all an “opinion”, so if one has studied medicine and found one does not have the ability to heal, what does one do – become a psychiatrist.
  • And for those with a disturbed childhood who have developed a sadistic personality disorder, psychiatry is a paradise – you get access to defenceless people and can do what you want with them. Some of what I have seen here in the form of violence from (grinning) members of staff against “patients” is frightening. A couple of time I have had to struggle with myself to stop me trying to protect victims from this violence. What stopped me in the end was knowing the odds were so disfavourable (20 – 1), that there was no point in trying.
  • Do bear in mind that as well as being held here unlawfully (as I am perfectly sane), which amounts to torture, I am also being denied pain-killing medication for my arthritis, which is also torture. The “doctors” here are not merely carrying out the whim of a bent judge, they are wilfully (trying to) torment me.
  • The court order sending me here required me to be given the necessary “treatment” to make me see the “error of my ways” and confess to crimes I have not committed.
  • The anti-psychotic drug I was prescribed – had I been foolish enough to take it – would have resulted in permanent brain damage. At one stage, there was talk of getting a court order to allow the “doctors” to forcibly inject me, but, thanks to the protests made by my supporters put an end to that (at least for the time being).
  • Bear in mind, the condition for which I was originally ‘sectioned’ – a paranoid personality disorder – is incurable, so no medication should be given, so the objective here was evident – to turn me into a zombie.
  • And this move to the “Forensic Ward” in the Sigmund Feud Clinic was made just before the court hearing. If I’d been produced in the condition of a zombie in court, then there would have been no coherent defence and that would have been that.
  • Regarding the (Dr)Gethins report, the reason the court in Austria have refused to accept it is that they have decided it is a “private report” and as such, is not acceptable. As we know, it is not a “private report”, but one which was commissioned by an English court.
  • I don’t know what the rules are here about accepting psychiatric reports from abroad. However, the system here is that the “expert witness” has to be court- accredited. What that basically means is that without the judges’ approval you cannot be an “expert witness”. And of course, if as an accredited “expert witness”, you do not do as the judge requires, then you lose your accredited status. In short, a fair trial is impossible, because the judge decides what ‘evidence’ will be heard before the case comes to court.
  • In my case, the judge wrote a memo to the state prosecutor stating what she wanted to hear from (Dr)Walzl. The state prosecutor then passed this on to Walzl, then, lo & behold! He produced his latest report, thanks to MS Word.
  • Amidst trying to work my way through Walzl’s psychobabble I missed one important point: apparently, I no longer have the incurable paranoid personality disorder originally diagnosed, I now have what is called in German “Wahnhafte Störunge”. I’m now trying to find out what this is supposed to be. However, I think it might translate into English as “delusional disorder”, whatever that is.
  • As you know, the whole story of the abuse and crime to which Mum & I have been subjected to in the past ten years is a figment of my imagination.
  • As for “dissenters” in the Soviet Union, they owe much of their treatment was pioneered by Austrian psychiatrists in the Third Reich. Take, for instance, the case of Dr Heinrich Gross, an Austrian psychiatrist who came into his forte as a result of the actions of a fellow Austrian.   In the “Am Spiegelgrund” youth “care home”, he murdered children so he could harvest and examine their brains. Being an Austrian, the international community considered him to be a ‘victim’ and not a ‘perpetrator’, so he escaped prosecution and served as a “court expert” until 1997.
  • Graz was of course the location of the SS school of psychiatry, so has a pedigree like nowhere else on the planet. I only wish I had access to the internet, etc. as I suspect there may well be a link between Gross, Walzl et al.
  • I always chuckle at the point that although Austrians (or an Austrian) started the two world wars, both times, the Germans got the blame.
  • And when it came to “liberation” in 1945, the National Socialist Party was disbanded. Its members then formed two parties – the Nationalists and the Socialists. And as neither of them could get an absolute majority in general elections, much of post-war government in Austria has seen a coalition of the Nationalists and the Socialists, or, in short, the National Socialists.
  • Sadly, there were no Jews left to persecute ad expropriate, so others were found. And history required that this should not be so blatant. Mauthausen was closed. Its place was taken by the Sigmund Freud Clinic in the city where the SS trained psychiatrists.
  • As the old joke goes:- the Third Reich did last a thousand years: twelve years of Nazi government, then 988 years of de-Nazification.
We have a long way to go.