Trade War Could Lead to Dollar Demise — June 29, 2018

military backing US dollar

Shayan Zarrin wrote Wednesday, “the BRIC nations are challenging the U.S. dollar. The alternative media is cheering this, but people do not understand the ramifications. The Bric nations’ proposed gold standard could cause the dollar to lose its value, which in turn, will cause the western economies to crash. Once the western world goes down, the world will be ripe for the New World Order led from Jerusalem.”
Trump’s trade war may drive the EU into the arms of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and undermine the dollar.
Andrew, a retired attorney from Texas, expands on this idea.

by Andrew — (

Both Pakistan and India recently joined Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO.) The SCO’s planned GOLD BACKED WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY will soon compete with US Dollar, Euro & Pound as world reserve currencies.
SCO is the main economic alliance of geographically contiguous nations across Eurasia. While it does NOT yet include EU, it could in 5 or 10 years. Besides its obvious invincibility militarily, it will soon issue a GOLD BACKED CURRENCY which would end the US Dollar AS THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY.
In a single stroke, the Federal Reserve’s US Dollar, the EURO and WTO would become obsolete. Trump’s Economic Sanctions and Tariffs would also become meaningless. While the SCO was formed in 2001, it was weaponized in 2011 when Russia and China decided to succeed where Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi failed.


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