Iranian Leaders have Longstanding Ties to US, Israel — June 27, 2018

Khomeini CIAIran’s leaders are veterans of the Iran-Contra Affair where Israel sold $500 million worth of arms to Iran in return for oil. The Ayatollahs are billionaires using Islam to hold Iran’s population hostage. The warlike rhetoric is in Israel’s interest.
Part 1 – Iran Does Not Oppose Jewish Power Elite 
Shayan Zarrin is an Iranian American

Iran Not an Enemy of the Jewish Elite   (About 40 references can be found at this url)

by Shayan Zarrin — (

In late 1978, leaders of the Jewish community met with Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris and declared their support for the revolution. In 1977, the City of London started economic warfare against Iran through BP. BP was buying much less oil than agreed upon through the 1973 Oil Nationalization and Purchase Agreement. Subsequently, the Iranian Jewish Community started to withdraw investments from Iran. These combined events created an influx of dissatisfied poor urban workers ripe for revolution.
And who funded these protests? According to the book, “Hostage to Khomeini”, by Robert Dreyfuss, most of the funds were coming from City of London/Mossad affiliated banks in the U.S. and Europe. …Once the protests started, Khomeini suddenly became the mouthpiece of the Revolution with constant coverage by the news networks, especially the Voice of America, Voice of Israel, and BBC.
Meanwhile, the Carter administration made the decision to dump the Shah, and support Ayatollah Khomeini at the Guadeloupe Conference with the U.S, U.K, France, and West Germany. The U.S. then set up a correspondence with Khomeini and ordered the Iranian army to stand down to Khomeini when he arrived in Iran. Once he arrived, Khomeini’s entourage gunned down nearly all of Iran’s competent military officers and servicemen, along with the lower levels of Savak. …
At the same time, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller heavily lobbied the Carter administration to admit the Shah for cancer treatment, despite warnings from the State Department that this would endanger U.S. Embassy workers in Iran. Two weeks later, those warnings came true when the Hostage Crisis began. The Reagan neocons … cut a deal with the Ayatollahs to hold the hostages until Reagan was elected, in exchange for U.S. arms during the Iran-Contra Affair.


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