Iran Serves Israel by Dividing Sunni & Shia Muslims — June 26, 2018

President AhmadinejadThe only time Iran has not co-operated with Israel and the US was under Ahmadinejad (2005-2013)
Brendon O’Connell: “The Shia president of Iran called for unity between Sunni and Shia in 2010. Meeting. Greeting. What happened? Israel is what happened and the Swiss banker sponsored Rouhani and millionaire Iranian military industrial complex is what happened. The same drug dealing, money laundering and weapons trading private intelligence networks that brought us Iran Contra at work.”
(Tomorrow! Shayan Zarrin – Iran’s Current Leaders Have Longstanding Ties with US, Israel) 

by Brendon O’Connell — ( 

I note this from the first comment to the story about Iran being in bed with Jewish elite – Not a chance. Iran is going to wipe Israel from the map and all of us are enjoying it come to fruition
If that’s the level of his analysis then we can discount all the rest.
We know what Zionists do to people and countries they don’t like Henry. Take Iraq, Syria, Libya etc.
In Iran, it’s a paradise. The young complain about unemployment and a lack of nightclubs where they can fall down drunk and vomit on themselves. The middle-class family complaint is one of the price of eggs and bread. There are few if any homeless. People are fed. Ferrari’s and Astin Martins abound. Luxury goods are everywhere – I know, I was there. Iran ships loads of oil to Germany and the place is swarming with Swiss exchange students, Chinese businessmen and Russian oil and gas people.
The only time Iran has not been co-operating with Israel and the US was under Ahmadinejad. He also (clumsily) had a “Holocaust Conference” that got Israel and the Jewish Zionist organizations worldwide hopping mad. He shook hands and stood for Sunni Shia unity against Israel to contain it’s expansionist dreams. And what happened? The Riall (currency) was collapsed.
Plummeting from 4000 to 1 USD, to 24,000, over night. Iranian scientists were killed one by one. Military bases attacked. Large-scale corruption by officials surrounding Ahmadinejad and the MSM even called (as if to insult) Ahmadinejad a “Jew”. That has never, ever happened before. Ahmadinejad was smooth as silk. Stating frequently to Israeli vitriol, “This is the age of peace and dialogue, not bullets and bombs.” Compare that with the rants of the “moderate” Rouhani and his stooge, 20+ years in the US, the foreign minister, Zarif.
The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Generals are all millionaires with a vested interest in keeping the wars going – and Rouhani’s master (now dead) Rasfanjani, was a Swiss banker bag man for both the Shah and Ayatollah Khomeini. He funded all the universities. Was a billionaire several times over and who knows what he had stashed in the numbered bank accounts.
Iran is a big place with many different points of view. It is full of drugs and alcohol, internal strife and division and many Iranians are sick of watching $5 billion USD a year going to fund Hezbollah and the Shia/Persian insurgency in the Arab Middle East while infrastructure at home crumbles.
War, and/or the threat of war serve both Israel and Iran alike keeping populations busy and diverted from internal strife. The middleman are the Swiss and German banks who supply Iran with liquid cash. The same banks that fund ISIS and Sunni militias are the same ones that fund the Shia militias and IRGC operations in Syria and Iraq. Who wins? Israel. Arabs killing Arabs. Persians killing Arabs. They love it. Israel considers pitting its enemies against the other as a national sport and there seems to be an endless supply of dupes to fill the ranks.


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