Flooding the Heart of this Empty House that Echos the Statements of Invisible Voices.

Smoking Mirrors — June 24, 2018

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Where there’s smoke there’s mirrors. At least that is the case here. Our job is to hold mirrors up to the smoke, at which time, the smoke will self autopsy, as it fades away to reveal the sky and the traffic of clouds across it; keeping in mind that clouds may well be another form of smoke (?).
Yesterday we wrote a post at Visible Origami, titled; To Reside Eternally in The Adytum; the House not Built with Hands. An Adytum is defined as the innermost sanctuary of a Greek temple. Visible could probably be described as somewhat Neoplatonic; principally because of this maxim- “the Absolute has its center everywhere but its circumference nowhere.” That seems to ring in harmony with the mind of the writer of this blog. The only potential deviance from that would be found in what visible has to say about anything proffered as the be all end all or part all of anything- “ah… sure… maybe, maybe not, it’s hard to say; no! Wait! It is impossible to say” That I believe sums him up.
Anyway, we wrote this treatise yesterday at Origami and ‘we thought’ “Wow! That felt good to say that. Surely the readers will be moved by visible speaking from the deepest chambers of his heart. Well… hours went by. Finally a commentator came by to mention that he couldn’t believe that no one had commented on the post yet. After following hours and leading to this moment that we are in, there were 3 more comments and at Facebook there were 8 readers who acknowledged the essay and no one who said anything about it. The aggregate of response would be considered about as low as it gets for responses from the traffic of these blogs.
In NO WAY is the writer of these various perspectives complaining or disappointed. Puzzled is the most we will admit to and not in a negative sense. It is not possible to be negative when talking about the ineffable, nor is it possible when Love for the ineffable routinely floods the heart of this empty house that echos the statements of invisible voices. Of course, the house is not empty. It only seems to be.
For a long reach of time now, we have noticed that on those occasions, where we feel we have poured our heart out there is, by comparison with other posts, the fewest responses. On other occasions, when we have written what we consider to be relatively pedestrian, there is a surfeit of responses and it has been happening this way for a good while. Once again (and please imagine that this is being said over and over through this posting) the writer is not complaining, nor upset in any way. It simply seems odd and the writer is fine if that never even gets explained to him. The joy of being free to expound upon the sacred and creative heart of the cosmos is all the writer shall ever ask.
Alright… I’ve said it. Let’s move on. The sludge of sewage that composes contemporary news media and entertainment is an embarrassment upon the human race and bespeaks a lack of inspiration, truth, creative force, morality and pretty much everything that makes us kin to the higher reservoirs of consciousness. We have become a habitation of demons who (given that they should have some ability in their fields) are fortunate if they can even spell their own names. Here are some of the articles that compose the majority of sump awareness that exemplifies the state of art and communication in these times. Here is one example of detritus, scooped from a flaming dumpster. Here is another example scraped from a lavatory floor. Here is yet another. AND here is yet another. All of these are solitary examples of hundreds of the same that appear every day.
In between this particular tsunami of filth and disorder, comes the high brow apologias from the genociding Satanists, whose relatives and fellow travelers dominate the wires of false news, all the time, as well at all the shit that fits. Were it not that they routinely change their names you would be astonished at the degree to which they control the airwaves with lies, lies, lies and justification for killing the actual people of the Bible who are the Palestinians. I do not care how glib they are or how convoluted their arguments. They are serial killers and mass murderers who, in this time of the rise of the Dark Lord to a seat at the dinner table, have been pasteurized and homogenized for (un)safe consumption by everyone and don’t forget to pay your Kosher tax. Looked at any recipes lately? In books? On line? Notice how they will infallibly tell you to use Kosher Salt? I won’t have it in the house and assuredly I will not cook with it.
To be called an Anti-Semite is a badge of honor that says, “I got those ♫ Sunglasses ♫. I can see and I am not afraid of you!” Sometimes the most disheartening thing is to fight and struggle for the sake of the souls of humanity and find that those you are defending are enslaved or employed by the ones who are feeding on them and will fight you to the death to defend their right to be tortured and destroyed by the ones they are defending.
If you investigate the source of sexual perversity and the intent to flood the country with tens of millions of immigrants and every other evil advertised like it was Coca Cola (which you can clean your battery terminals with) you will find that these same Satanic emissaries are behind every one of them!
Okay… you have had enough links and believe me, I could give you more than you can imagine. What is, or was, can be proved to be what was and is. However, if the media, the publishing industry, the entertainment industry and every industry whereby information finds its way to you, other than by objective reasoning, or observation, by intuition, or divers means, as might transpire for those of us that have a relationship with archetypes or enduring echoes- is under the control of those who for millennia have been perversely preying upon us, then those of us with marginal intellects and even less curiosity, you will find are unknowing conscripts in the war against human salvation and the exercise and experience of liberty, especially… including their own!!!
I’ve had little to say about this for some while now. For me… the battle is won and of no real and enduring concern to me. It is and should be to so many others who, due to the impact of dark desires and fell appetites are not concerned …because like lab monkeys, they know if they keep hitting the same button they will get Cocaine, or the electrodes will activate the pleasure centers, or they can fall asleep in front of transitory entertainments, until death claims them and they go back into the recycling system to be given another name and another stretch of time, until death claims them, yet again …and again …and again.
An old friend and lover of mine came to visit me a short while ago. I didn’t know what to think. She was so sweet and kind and knowing in a way that was near frightening; in that she knew me better than I did and who has said things to me recently that were like the Balm of Gilead upon ancient wounds and places of agonizing emptiness. There are, I know, those who will say; “visible, stay away from all of that but… part of my being here is to assist in helping East and West to meet and merge and love and enjoy one another like siblings, who finally understand that except for appearances, we are all the same.
Those who fear Kali, fear their own darkness, or are temporary cowards against the bravery necessary to be the one who walks through the Valley of the Shadow because, for reasons that escape me, they think they are the one doing the walking. Only the ineffable can walk that road and one of the ineffable’s greatest gifts to us is to let us share in the dominion over every fearsome shape and thing. The more we defer, the more the divine enters in and a time comes when a balance is struck and we hang suspended …in sweet harmonics beyond the reach of time; triumphant forever because we have mastered ourselves under the tutelage of the one who rules all things and ever shall… for everlasting!
Once you realize that which you seek and love is unassailable and cannot be challenged by anything because NOTHING comes into being that it does not permit to temporarily come forth, as secondary to the singularity of its incomprehensible self, shrouded in light that is hidden in light, which at the center is more than light. It is what it is!
I will close with something to think about. One of the stupidest and most arrogant men ever- George W. Bush ruled Armageddonville for two agonizing terms and then; Dr Slick the Psychopath came in to prove that THEY could give you a black man with an Islamic name after Islamist actually attacked us (It was Israel that did that but it does not change the appearance of it). This they did to show how stupid and malleable we are. Then they brought in a buffoon cartoon to further show how pathetically controllable we are. Think about it, cause you are going to remember I said this when it comes round again.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.