Canadian Man Guilty of Scalping Fiancée

Introduction — June 23, 2018

Leibel (pictured with ex-wife Amanda Braun) murdered the woman in his West Hollywood apartment. Flesh, an ear and her scalp were found scattered around his bedroom and in the bin at the bottom of a garbage chute at his home. Click to enlarge

Blake Leibel (pictured with ex-wife Amanda Braun) murdered the woman in his West Hollywood apartment. Flesh, an ear and her scalp were found scattered around his bedroom and in the bin at the bottom of a garbage chute at his home. Click to enlarge

There have been suggestions that this was a ritual killing. Either that or the killer was mentally unstable or he was himself demonically possessed, or at least demonically inspired.
We shouldn’t forget that until recently, in historical terms, mental illness was seen as one and the same as demonic possession. We like to think that in our modern times we’ve outgrown such ‘antiquated’ notions but that doesn’t mean that they are not still valid.
I write that as someone who has been out of body and experienced how powerfully I sensed the thoughts and feelings of incarnate individuals who were not aware of my out-of-body presence.
Like they say, it’s another world out there and although I did not try to manipulate the thoughts and feelings of the incarnate, I would not rule out the possibility that other disembodied entities might try to do so.
Our modern worldview is hopelessly limited in that it relies on the dictates of scientific materialism, which presumes that everything is grounded in physical matter. However, not through drugs or any other inducement, I’ve seen beyond this illusion into other worlds that lie beyond and can assert without a shadow of a doubt that is not the case.
We live in a physical world that interconnects and coexists with spiritual/non-physical realms on numerous levels. Both before life and after death and, if we are sufficiently aware, during our physical lifetimes too.
It hasn’t happened often but when I have been out-of-body I was struck powerfully by how I could sense the thoughts and feelings of others. They were all incarnate and crucially they were COMPLETELY oblivious to my disembodied presence.
Scene from Leibel's graphic novel. Click to enlarge

Scene from Leibel’s graphic novel. Click to enlarge

I would suggest that it would only take their thoughts and feelings to have resonated on a certain frequency, so to speak, for me to have stepped in and taken command of them.
Occult rituals enable the participants to fine tune their thoughts and feelings; opening the way for more malign entities to step in, as it were.
Our modern presumption that the physical world is everything allows disembodied entities to take advantage of our ignorance. I would suggest that this is what has happened here. More malign entities were actually behind this crime and Blake Leibel was the vehicle they used. Indeed, I would suggest that they are the particpants in many of the more horrific crimes we hear about. Often without the physical authors of those crimes being aware of their involvement.
The fact that Blake Leibel was the author of a graphic novel that featured scenes of depraved brutality suggests that he already resonated on an emotional and mental frequency that allowed more malign entities to step in, as it were, and take over. Ed.

Author who wrote gruesome novel is found guilty of killing and mutilating his fiancee before draining her body of blood and SCALPING her just weeks after she gave birth to their baby

Hannah Moore — Daily Mail June 23, 2018

The son of a California real estate tycoon has been found guilty of the gruesome and brutal murder of his Ukrainian fiancee, who had given birth to his daughter just weeks before.

Iana Kasian. Click to enlarge

Iana Kasian. Click to enlarge

Blake Leibel, a millionaire property heir, tortured and mutilated Iana Kasian inside his West Hollywood apartment before she died. He drained all the blood from her body and removed her scalp, ABC reported.

Kasian’s autopsy report says parts of the right side of the 30-year-old’s face – including her ear – were torn off in the brutal slaying before she died.

When officers finally broke into Leibel’s apartment in May 2016, looking for Kasian, her naked body was found – mutilated, drained of blood, and covered with a red Mickey Mouse blanket, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

Investigators found bits of flesh inside the bedroom, and part of Kasian’s scalp and her ear were found in a trash bin at the bottom of the garbage chute outside the home, NBC reported.

The Los Angeles Department of the Medical Examiner ruled that the woman’s cause of death was exsanguination, the act of draining a person of blood.

Leibel, 37, had tried to keep police out of the apartment by barricading the door.

During Leibel’s trial, pathologists testified the horrific murder set a precedent in terms of the brutality and grisliness of Kasian’s injuries

Graphic images of the scene and of Kasian were shown to the jury, as were images from a graphic novel called Syndrome, which Leibel helped to create in 2010.

In the novel, a scientist tries to find a way to cure people of evil. One page displays a woman, lying naked on a bed with no head.

Scene of the murder: a blood stained mattress. Click to enlarge

Scene of the murder: a blood stained mattress. Click to enlarge

The novel begins with the foreword: ‘If you loved hurting things, what would you do?’ and ends with an image of a hand dripping blood and the caption: ‘In the end, we all become monsters’.

Prosecutors District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef and her co-counsel, Deputy DA Beth Silverman argued the 37-year-old had mirrored elements of the novel in Kasian’s murder, and that the book was the man’s ‘blueprint’.

Silverman told the court there were no words to describe the depravity of Leibel’s actions and the extremity of the violence.

‘This was depravity. Ms Kasian died a slow and painful death,’ she said.

‘He threw away pieces of his fiancée like she was trash. The mother of his newborn baby.

‘Her daughter will never know her, and that’s because of the unconscionable acts you heard about during this trial.’

Leibel had pleaded not guilty to murder, mayhem, aggravated mayhem and torture.

When the jury read out their sentence on Wednesday, Kasian’s mother, a Ukrainian health care worker named Olga, broke down in tears.

Leibel’s reaction was one of an unmoved man. He stared straight ahead and did not move.

He will be sentenced on June 26 and faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Though he was earlier facing the death penalty, the LA County District Attorney’s Office had earlier opted not to seek it against him.

Leibel’s father, Lorne, made a fortune in the home building boom of the 1980s and 90s as the president of Canada Homes, once described as the nation’s largest home builder.

Lorne Leibel also sailed for Team Canada in the 1976 Olympics and has since raced both boats and vintage cars, according to the Toronto Star.

And his mother, Eleanor Leibel, was the daughter of Paul and Leona Chitel. The Chitel family founded Alros Products Ltd, a plastics company based in Toronto that does business as Polytarp, the National Post reported