A Manchurian Candidate

Irish Savant — June 19, 2018

The World Council of Churches (WCC) – a quintessential globalist NWO organisation that the Catholic Church used avoid like the plague –  has announced a joint venture with the Vatican to co-host a meeting on “migration, xenophobia, and politically motivated populism” as part of its work toward “peace-building and migration.” The Director General of the WCC, Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit, said it would be a “dig a bit deeper” into the problems [my emphasis] of xenophobia as an expression of populism, as well as its links to racism, conflict, and violence in countries around the world. No surprise here really as last September the Vatican launched a two-year campaign to change people’s minds about migrants and to encourage a more welcoming attitude toward them worldwide. And sent a Cardinal to hobnob with the NWO globalists at the latest Bilderberg meeting.
The current Pope is turning the Church upside down, transforming it into a SJW organisation like the Church Of England, which has now virtually disappeared as a religious force. Unlike blood-and-guts Islam which continues to grow like a virus. The Church is now fully aligned with the globalist/NWO agenda, a development which Pope Benedict had very much feared. Which raises the question of his resignation, the first by a Pope in 600 years. Was he forced out, and if so by whom?
Evidence from Wikileaks suggests he was, with the usual suspects up to their necks in it.  John Podesta of pizzagate fame and other progressives discussed regime change to remove what they described as the “middle ages dictatorship” in the Catholic Church, to effect a “Catholic Spring” revolution in it. The leaked emails show that Soros, Obama and Clinton used the United States’ diplomatic machinery, political muscle, and financial power to coerce, bribe and blackmail “regime change” in the Church in order to replace Benedict XVI with Pope Francis – who has since become an unlikely mouthpiece for the international left, stunning Catholics around the world. The Podesta e-mail is a response to another Soros-funded radical — Sandy Newman, founder of the “progressive” Voices for Progress. Newman had written to Podesta seeking advice on the best way to “plant the seeds of the revolution” in the Catholic Church.
This article from the Jewish Forward has the unequivocal title ‘Converts Who Changed The Church’. Interestingly, the ‘converts’ in question were all Jewish, and most of their activities appeared to be directed towards making the Church ‘modern’ and Jew-friendly. It’s well accepted that Jewish ‘converts’ Von Hildebrand, Oestrreicher, Gurian and Thieme (there were others) played a central role in driving the revolutionary agenda of Vatican II. Bella Dodd, a Catholic-turned-Communist who later recanted said “in the thirties, we put 1,100 men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church.” We can see the results today whereby the humanitarian weaknesses built into Christianity have been turned against its followers, rendering the Church into just another globalist humanitarian agency, UNESCO with prayers.
All part of what I call The Quickening. Everything is speeding up. A denouement of some sort is at hand.