People who don’t believe climate change is real are more likely to hold racist beliefs, study finds

Mollie Cahillane — Daily Mail June 18, 2018

Love the way the protestors in this demonstration against "climate change denial" are all well wrapped with woolies, gloves and hats. "global warming" obviously isn't affecting them. Click to enlarge

Note the way the protestors in this demonstration against “climate change denial” are all well wrapped. With woollies, gloves and hats, “global warming” obviously isn’t affecting them. Click to enlarge

After Barack Obama became President in 2008, white Americans became less likely to see climate change as a serious problem, according to a new study.

A study published recently in the journal Environmental Politics found that people who don’t believe in climate change are more likely to be of older age, white and Republican.

They are also far more likely to hold racist beliefs and have high levels of racial resentment.

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Australia hit with extreme cold front as snow hits and people are warned of dangerous conditions

Stephanie Bedo — June 19, 2018

ICY temperatures are blasting Sydney as a chilly front continues to smash the eastern seaboard.

The city was hit with wild weather overnight that brought freezing winds, rain and temperatures below 10C.

But anyone wanting a reprieve can’t put their winter woollies aside just yet, with the mercury set to plummet further at the weekend, dropping to as low as 7C on Sunday.

A complex low over the Tasman Sea is directing a vigorous westerly airstream over New South Wales ahead of a south to south-westerly change which will move along the east coast.

It’s not just Sydney feeling the cold front as the weather system lashes Australia’s other eastern cities and towns.

Strong and cold winds with low cloud cover have left several regions experiencing frosty mornings, with snow falling in the NSW Tablelands.

The NSW coastline copped 12mm of rain since 9 am yesterday with another 20mm forecast today.

Temperatures fell to 9.8C at 3 am in Campbelltown and 10.4C at Camden at 3 am, rising just four degrees by 10 am.

Melbourne was much colder than most of the world’s major cities this morning.

When it was just 4C in Melbourne at 8.29am, it was 9C in Reykjavik in Iceland, 11C in La Paz, Peru, 13C in Anchorage in Alaska, 13C in Helsinki, 14C in Dublin, 15C in Oslo and 19C in Minsk in Belarus.

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