I Accuse

Thomas Paine — June 15, 2018

Throughout history there have been many speculations, especially among Christians, that one day the name of the Anti-Christ will be revealed.
I am not a Christian and come from a long line of what is known as Sephardim Jews. so nobody can call me an anti-Semite. However in view of current and past world events I would like to make the following observations:
The biggest enemies of the Jews are NOT the FAR RIGHT in any country. There biggest enemy is, and has been for many years. are just a few of their own kind, principally the International or Zionist Jews.
These individuals, through the power of the purse, blackmail and corruption of their puppets who dance to their tune, have tarred all Jews with the same brush.
Let us face facts. The state of Israel is a pirate and parasitical state funded by America, or Zionist Jews who rule America and other western countries as though they were absolute monarchs.
If anyone could be branded as the enemy of Bona Fide Jews and the civilised world, if anyone seems more like the Anti-Christ — I would put Benjamin Netanyahu at the top of the list.
Thomas Paine


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