Old Terrorism New Terrorism

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For January 3, 2011

Do you remember the days when the people who terrorised England were IRA bombers…..along with, perhaps, the occasional serial killer?

Do you remember how the police could never catch the bastards?

…..and when they did it turned out that the ‘terrorists’ jailed were usually innocent men (or even whole families, including children) who had been tortured into confessions or damned by falsified forensic evidence?

Do you remember the days when the Yorkshire police pulled in everyone in the North of England with a dick and a ball pein hammer for questioning as a suspect in the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ case? They interviewed the Ripper himself but in spite of the fact that he was a ‘dead ringer’ for the killer (as described by various witnesses) and the fact his good friend Trevor Birdsall had named him as the Ripper to police (this letter was read but placed into the wrong filing tray and quickly forgotten), Sutcliffe carried on with his killing for 5 full years before being caught.

My, how things have changed.

Has Mr. Plod got his act together or what?

The majority of terrorists are now uncovered and charged while they are still only thinking about committing their murderous acts.

The security services are surely doing an absolutely brilliant job. It seems they have their own agents out there infiltrating all the terrorist groups and preventing catastrophe on a daily (or at least a weekly) basis.

Did you know it turns out that many of those charged have a history of psychiatric disorder.

No surprise there, the sick scum.

Of course there is always one member of the gang that doesn’t get charged with anything. He is obviously our boy.

My friend Gabriel says that it turns out that this guy is always the leader of the group…..but Gabe’s an idiot. He just makes up stuff like this?

Occasionally, of course, our people are oblivious to a threat, slip up and an attack gets past them.

As in London on 7/7/05.

In spite of the fact we had brilliantly practiced for that very attack at least four times, in spite of the fact that one of our brave parking attendants missed one of the bombers by a whisker, in spite of the fact that hardly a single one of the tens of thousands of CCTV cameras were working on that terrible morning, our brave boys named the culprits in short order.

It is case closed as far as knowing who are the guilty men.

Gabe says that the people who hate our government know that the government want ‘terror’ (to justify their ‘War on Terror’) so these people won’t give them any.


A man who used to be President Reagan’s Assistant Secretary to the US Treasury says the same thing is going on in the USA.

….but there are the occasional lunatics, like Roberts, everywhere.

We are so much safer now.

Don’t you agree?

…..and things are so much better now.

Aren’t they?

(Home for a day, so put this up. Away until second week in February.)


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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