Kat Von D’s Wedding Was an Occult Elite Ritual

Vigilant Citizen — June 12, 2018

Kat von d wedding occult ritual
Kat Von D’s wedding with Rafael Reyes was described as a “breathtaking goth wonderland” by magazines. But there was much more to it: It was a blatant ritual drenched in the symbolism of the occult elite.
Kat Von D’s wedding with Rafael Reyes was, in many ways, rather conventional: It took place in a reception hall, there were wedding vows, a huge wedding dress, elaborate flower arrangements, and, of course, a massive cake. In short, it had all of the things people love to read about in celeb gossip magazines … And that wedding was heavily featured in all of them.
However, there’s one obvious detail that nearly every magazine conveniently forgot to mention: It was a deeply satanic affair. Indeed, the wedding prominently featured the symbolism and the color codes of occult elite rituals – exactly as described on this site for years. It was more than a wedding: It was an occult celebration.
Let’s look at the pics.

The Invitation

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