Are Muslim Migrants a Blessing in Disguise? — June 8, 2018

A challenge to the Christians and Muslims of Europe to make the best of a difficult situation.
The author is a Muslim born and living in North Africa after living in the US for more than 10 years. He believes the only way up for Europe is a return to religion. He promotes Christian/Muslim solidarity in the face of the satanist cabal.  He believes such an alliance can trigger a healthy revival of Western Christianity.
He is abstracting religion in the context of Europe to mean belief in the one God, Abrahamic morality, and fidelity to Jesus Christ.  By migrants, he refers mainly to Muslim migrants in Europe.
(Makow DISCLAIMER – We should distinguish between migrants and immigrants. Immigrants have been vetted. Migrants are interlopers.)

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I have been following the alt-right and so-called white nationalist developments in the West–from Kevin MacDonald to Jordan Peterson, to Paul Joseph Watson, to the Irish Savant, and many others in between.  I think some are outstanding.
I have also observed the rabid psychological assault on white people, culture, and civilization in universities and the media.  The anti-white racial double standard and shameless guilting of whites–in particular white males–is staggering.  More so that it increasingly stems from brainwashed liberal whites.  Race discourse now rivals feminism in its lunacy.
In a recent visit to the states, I was agape at what people could say about whites on social media and TV.  If the situation were reversed, heads would roll.  The white race has been cleverly scapegoated for the historical crimes of the cabal.
I support legitimate nationalism, in this case, white nationalism, and cringe at the mental convolutions of those who–while taking it for granted for themselves–equate it with hate and white supremacy.  It should be a matter of fact that every people have a right to preserve its identity and culture.
Against this backdrop, the recent migrant crisis has whipped up a storm of nationalistic fervor in the West.  This is only natural and understandable!  I empathize fully with the native grievances.  In this maelstrom of migration and nationalism, however, I believe there is a golden opportunity which is at risk of evaporating, an opportunity and a mindset which only the rare pundit ever addresses.



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