Is Crown Prince Salman’s death being covered up?

Jim W. Dean — Veterans Today June 1, 2018

Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Click to enlarge

Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Click to enlarge

The VT search for Crown Prince Salman continues. Here is the translation of the report of his death from the update link that we published last week. We can vouch for the accuracy of the translation, but not the veracity of the internet scan of the document.

It is a bit hazy, which prevents comparison to the known typical style of such documents. It is a semi-clue, best used to spot a fake than to verify the real thing, as a high-quality forgery could not be spotted with a visual on-screen review.

I have just seen your email and per your request I have translated the document as follows, [square brackets are my comments]:
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Royal Court
[Handwriting illegible]
[To:] His Royal Highness the Minister of Interior
[Reference] Royal Ceremony
In reference to your Highness’ cable number 1/6/53177 dated 20/8/1439 [or 5/7/2018.  Today’s Hijri date is 16/9/1439] in which you also reference to your cable number 1/7/60297 dated 19/8/1439 [or 5/6/2018], concerning the internal arrangements for the transfer of the body of the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, may Allah show him Mercy, from the Military hospital to the private burial site. Based on this, we wish to notify your highness that all arrangement are ready and under secrecy.
May Allah show Mercy to our dear Amir and inspire us with patience and acceptance.
Head of the Royal Court
Private Secretary to the Servant of Both Shrines.
[End of translation]

So why are we continuing to cover the story? That is simple. Saudi Arabia is covering something up. The Crown Prince was not in Trump’s league as a publicity hound, but he had been constantly visible in building up his reputation as “the man” that is transforming Saudi Arabia. For him to virtually disappear is news – big news.

Clue number two, we are not the only smart people in the world. Plenty of others can see that something strange is going on, but no one is asking any questions publicly.

Clue number three, corporate media (Israel) will not touch it.

What else do we know for sure? Well, if there was a coup attempt, it was unsuccessful, as there has not been any hint of a change in the Saudi government other than what is inferred, that we have a pouting Prince who will not come out of his room.

Do we take this alleged official letter above as solid proof? No, it is just another clue – not only to what might have happened, but if it is phony, who went to the trouble to conjure this up and why?

And last, we know we are monitored by the Saudis and their partners the Israelis; so fellas, if the Crown Prince is still with us, why don’t you hold a press conference to put this controversy to bed?

If the Crown Prince is recovering from wounds in a coup attempt, so what. That there was one would not shock the world, long used to such things. And speaking of press conferences, we would really enjoy seeing someone in SA step up to the plate to have real ones, where real questions could be asked.

Dear Saudi Arabia, You claim to be due the status of a regional power, with great wealth (relatively), but run your public relations like a banana republic. You deserve better.

VT published your ambassador to Russia’s interview comments yesterday, that Saudi Arabia is seeking a political solution to the Syrian and Yemen crises. Excuse me, but VT sees no evidence of this whatsoever. What we see is a mirage, a desert kind.

This is why we need those press conferences that I mentioned above. You could prove to the world that you are a real country, not a tribal fiefdom that had the good fortune to be sitting on an ocean of oil.

Great things await you if you can pony up to the table, step through the veil, and into the modern world. This thing of your seeming to want to be top dog in an Arab mafia war is really below you if you really want to be what you claim to be.

Look at America, the phony pretender of being the protector of freedom and democracy. If you are not careful, you will end up like us, or as some now would say, you already have. If you think the Israeli model is better, think again. The Zios are on somebody’s string, too.