Muslim Mob Chase Cops in London in 2009….Police Run for Cover

You Tube — April 2010

UK police run from Muslim mob
Contrast the video below with the video of a British woman who was arrested recently for asking why Muslims were being allowed to flagrantly break the law?
Why are the British police being less than even handed in the way they enforce the law?
We would suggest that they’ve been ordered to back off so as to encourage Islamic militants. After all the British have done the same in Syria. where, along with the Saudis, Israel and the U.S., they’ve covertly supported Muslim extremists like Islamic State (otherwise known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh).
This has been an unacknowledged Western policy for years now.
Are they attempting to do the same thing domestically? They might have failed to oust Assad and their militant proxies may have been defeated but that’s not to say they won’t use the same tactic to further the principle of divide and rule domestically.
Were the police ordered not to engage Muslim militants but instead ordered to clampdown on native Britons who questioned why they were allowing them to break the law?