Pro-EU activists are being trained to ‘target MPs in a series of nationwide roadshows aimed at stopping Brexit’

Tom Kelly and Fiona Hargreaves — Daily Mail May 25, 2018

Jean Claude-Juncker and Soros

President of the European Commission Jean Claude-Juncker (left) and multi-billionaire George Soros. Click to enlarge

Pro-EU supporters are being trained to ‘ruthlessly’ target MPs in a series of nationwide roadshows aimed at stopping Brexit, the Daily Mail has claimed.

The Best for Britain campaign, which is backed by billionaire George Soros, is allegedly using the events to highlight ways activists can ‘press the right buttons’ to frighten politicians into voting against leaving Europe.

The strategy reportedly includes getting negative stories about MPs in the local and national papers because these will ‘get to them on a personal level’.

It also encourages mass phone-ins and letter-writing campaigns to get MPs with slim majorities into believing they will lose their seat if they support Brexit, the paper claims.

Activists are told: ‘Like anyone, an MP is worried about keeping their job.

‘This is a very personal motivator, and raising uncertainty in their mind about this can have an enormous impact on their actions.’

Supporters are also encouraged to stop people in the street and try to convince them to lobby their MP on the issue.

The details of the anti-Brexit roadshows come after the Mail was given leaked papers that show Best for Britain has launched a six-month plan to stop the UK leaving the EU.

The group, which aims to spend £5.6 million on the campaign, plans to contradict whatever final agreement Theresa May strikes with Brussels – arguing it is ‘not what we voted for’.

A key part of the campaign is a series of so-called ‘Barnstorming’ events in halls and schools around the country.

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