It’s Worse Than You Think

The Irish Savant — May 17, 2018

Most of us associate Jewish power with their dominance of banking, “news” media and the entertainment industry. More recently this has extended to the digital world with the main social media and search engine platforms being under Jewish control and ownership. This is a chillingly wide and deep span of power. In fact in terms of controlling the information flow I’d say it approaches that wielded by the medieval Christian Church.
And this isn’t the worst of it because Israeli companies are now to be found in powerful and sometimes dominant positions at critical points throughout the underlying layers of the technology universe like:
* Microprocessors
* Cyber security
* Systems integration
* Electronic payment systems
* Database technology and analytics
* Aircraft transponder control systems – ask Dov Zakheim
* The Internet Of Things
The implications are dramatic as the Israelis now have the power to literally bring the Western world – and most of the rest of it – grinding to a halt by sabotaging utilities like electricity, water and telecommunications, banking transactions and airport operations. Add in the capacity to hack into critical corporate and government systems and databases and the circle is complete. Bear in mind that unlike earlier technologies, which could (with difficulty) be reverse engineered to discover malware, the millions of modern microprocessors are closed impenetrable black boxes. Would the Israelis have built in trojan horses or trapdoors into these chips? What do you think??
You may well ask how the West finds itself in this catastrophic predicament. You might also ask how a small country like Israel has achieved this level of dominance. A number of factors account for it. First their military and intelligence services recruited large numbers of top researchers and developers  and got them working on key technologies in a structured programme going back more than thirty years. Stolen technology from the West also helped as did the ready availability of VC funding and a fifth column of sayanim smoothing the way in enemy territory (that’s us, you understand).
In any event – in my view – they now have the West by the balls.



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