Freemasonry as Tool of Revolution (Communist Subversion) — May 17, 2018

French engraving masonic meeting
Mankind is victim of an ancient satanic conspiracy. The esoteric meaning of revolution is turning the world upside down, replacing God with SATAN.
This is behind the ongoing subversion of Western countries — racial cohesion, gender (family), national independence and Christianity. This is behind the Communist control of mass media, academia, and censorship of free speech. 
Starting with the English Revolution, 1688, which led to the formation of the Bank of England (1694), and including the American (1776) French (1789) and Russia Revolutions (1918) the world has been brought under the control of the Masonic Jewish central bankers. This multi-generational Communist conspiracy is reaching fruition today with the Freemason Donald Trump in control of the US and Freemasons in power throughout the world.  Here Arnold Leese describes how they engineered the French revolution. 
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Part One- Freemasonry Conceals its Diabolical Secret from Members 

Freemasonry Pt 2.  (1935)

by Arnold Leese — (Excerpt by 

  1. Freemasonry and Politics.

The Jews con­ceived the idea of conquering France by Freemasonry when they found that it could not be done by war. Let us, therefore, follow the growth of Freemasonry from the time of its foundation in England in 1717.
Adam WeishauptFreemasonry spread to France in 1730, and its early history is one of internal strife. Some sort of cooperation was, however, attained in 1766, under a new “Grande Loge Nationale de France,”afterward called the “Grand Orient.” Then, just as is happening today, French Freemasonry was penetrated by “higher rites” in the form of a secret society notoriously known as the Illuminati, of Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830).
It is most interesting to watch the development of Jewish influence in the preparation and consummation of the French Revolution of 1789. Side by side one sees the growth of Illuminism among the Gentiles and Jews with a unique directive power wielded in Berlin by the Jews, Moses Mendelssohn (1728-86, grandfather of the famous composer), Naphtali Wessely (1725-1805), and the Jewish Bankers, Daniel Itzig, Friedlander, Meyer, Cerfbeer, and the Goldsmid Brothers in London. Jewish Illuminism was called Haskalah, and was headed and directed by Moses Mendelssohn, who also inspired the leaders of Masonic Illuminism such as Adam Weishaupt, H. S. Reimarus, Lessing, Nicolai, Ch. Dohm, Mirabeau, and others. The Jew, Bernard Lazare, has himself written: “There were Jews behind Weishaupt.” {“L’antisémitisme,” page 339.}

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