Ricardo Duchesne Resists “Ethnocide of Euro Canadians”

henrymakow.com — May 15, 2018

canada-in-decay (1)Ricardo Duchesne, a Sociology professor at the University of New Brunswick has emerged as a defender of Canada’s European heritage. An immigrant from Peurto Rico, he says multiculturalism is a cultural Marxist ideology to undermine the historic rights of the majority European population of Canada by reducing them to the status of one among many minorities.  
This Communist (Masonic Jewish) agenda stated in The Protocols of Zion (16) is to destroy “all collective forces but our own.” These are race, religion (God), nation and family (gender).] 
We are seeing this agenda being realized everywhere in the West.
Duchesne’s writing is academic (like the reviews) so instead, I present him through the eyes of a Leftist critic, Crawford Killian, 77, a longtime US immigrant who thinks you are a “white supremacist” AND DESERVE TO BE SHOT (see last line) if you don’t agree to forfeit your culture and become a minority in your own country. 
I was alerted to Duschene by this must-see video by Black Pigeon Speaks, whose work is all top notch. Be sure to see, The End Game: Why the West is Lost.”     The Masonic Jewish (Communist, Satanic) Conspiracy has duped the populations of the West into replacing themselves with other cultures.  

A Fascist Take on Canadian History

Portrait of the ‘good, old days’ of Anglo-Saxon white supremacy in Canada fails as scholarship, succeeds as warning.

by Crawford Killian — (abridged by henrymakow.com) 

ricardo_duchesneThis is a deeply disappointing book by a scholar who should have been able to do much better. But its failures should not encourage complacency in the great majority of Canadians. On the contrary, it implicitly assures us that white racism in Canada is alive, and almost immune to debate.
Duchesne, right, is a professor of sociology at the University of New Brunswick, where he has been a prolific author of articles and a popular professor for over 20 years. As a retired prof who did standup teaching for 40 years, while writing a lot, I can relate.
The thesis of most of his articles and his two previous books is that Western culture’s historic success is due to its individualist, aristocratic and warlike nature. He shows up a lot on YouTube. He also contributes to a blog called Eurocanadian, where on Sept. 21 he published a post titled “Europeans The Greatest In Everything Since The Beginning.”


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