Britain’s in safe hands!

The Irish Savant — May 1, 2018

So Amber Rudd has bitten the dust, a victim of the very multiculturalism and diversity she worked so hard to promote. Her civil servants let her down by telling some people illegally in Britain that they were, well, illegally In Britain. Shock, horror – and Rudd’s resignation – duly followed. Her replacement was quickly named. He’s Sajid Javid, a Pakistani Muslim. He promised that his “first priority” would be to right the wrongs of the Windrush Scandal, that which drove Rudd from office. Maybe someone will suggest to  him that addressing the epidemic of black murders convulsing London might be more urgent. In any event this is the guy with responsibility for enforcing the control of Britain’s borders and the overall administration of justice. Don’t you feel better already?
And what a support team he’s got. Idi Amin lookalike Mike Fuller is now Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service. His main claim to fame, apart from being the first black to hold this position, is to have used a personal chauffeur to clock up more than 150,000 miles in six years travelling from his home in London to his office in Kent.
Javid presumably will have his hands full dealing with the mass rape of White children by members of his Muslim community. Then again he might have other things on his mind. Like punishing the civil servants who told the Windrush illegals that they were illegal. If he’s too busy he can enlist the aid of this guy who’s head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s Child Abuse Unit. Yet another Pakistani Muslim, Nazir Asfal has professed himself to be “unruffled by mounting media hysteria (sic) over the ethnicity of abusers in Rotherham”.  Instead he suggests “stepping back and taking a wider view of the nationwide picture”.
And in taking a wider view of the nationwide picture Asfal can count on the assistance of Bardardo’s Homes, “the main provider of child sexual exploitation services in the UK”. And who heads up Barnardo’s? It’s Javed Kahn, yet another Pakistani Muslim, one who has been exposed as having turned a blind eye to the abuse of White children by Muslims over many years.
I think every parent in Britain can rest easily with their children under the care of such a team, dedicated 24×7 to the welfare of British citizens.
Meanwhile yet another Pakistani Muslim rules over the kuffars of the nation’s capital. Sadiq Khan, a terrorist-sympathising dwarf who can’t speak proper English has become the self-appointed spokesman for the British people by declaring President Trump to be unwelcome in his country. Sorry, I mean in Britain. Khan’s country is of course Pakistan.
Maybe a change of Government will see brain-box Diane Abbot as Treasury Secretary. After all if Compton ghetto trash can marry into the Royal Family anything is possible.
Isn’t it amazing…the British people who built an Empire that ruled a quarter of the world and inter alia ran the whole Indian sub-continent, from Afghanistan to Burma, with about 200,000 of their own people, now need their former subjects to run their own country?
Is that an evil cackle I hear from behind the curtain?


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