Robert Mapplethorpe and the Awesome Surprises in the Limousine Ashtrays of Andy Warhol

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 3, 2018

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Here are some of Robert Mapplethorpe’s quotes;
“Beauty and the devil are the same thing.” (?)
“I am obsessed with beauty. I want everything to be perfect, and of course it isn’t. And that’s a tough place to be because you’re never satisfied.”
“When I work, and in my art, I hold hands with God.” (yikes)
“I don’t know why my pictures come out looking so good. I just don’t get it.” (neither do I.)
I remember the ’60’s very well. There’s a joke that’s been going round for decades; “If you can remember the 60’s, you weren’t there.” I remember them and I was there. I remember the 60’s for the things I liked and the things I did not like. No one can accuse me of being opinion free. I have opinions and I am passionate about them. I recognize that the Rolling Stones were one of the best rock groups of all time but… I did not like them or Led Zeppelin, or a few others because they has that Satanic edge. During the 60’s my life was about devotion. I rarely smoked, often did not take drugs (except for LSD), meditated often, lived in the awareness of God and every time I took LSD, I was going to visit with some permutation of Lady Nature, the ineffable …and whatever elementals would appear and some of them always did. If you liked the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin then my take is not a knock on you. In no way would I argue that these bands did not have the maximum in skill and impact. They did but… I looked behind the door at Led Zeppelin and their private times. I was at Altamont. I KNOW what I saw. I did not like Ozzy Osborne. I did not like death and heavy metal. I felt that music was meant to inspire and that it provided a soundtrack for the sorts of environments, woven out of the minds of the actors (us) of the time. Simply look at what rap and insipid, saccharine bubble bath rock has given us.
I did not like what was going on in the universities and I saw what I feared, materialize over following decades. I did not like materialism. I did not like the gratuitous, free love, public humping, beast mode. I saw it. I had to step over it. I had my head shaved and my heart and mind on the prize. Later on I got processed into the sexual, jungle dance and I regret it. I did not like that lounging on the sidewalk, spare changing act. I did not like people referring to their partner as, “my old lady.” I didn’t like the brutish police telling me what I could and could not put in my body. It was none of their business then and it is none of their business now. They can celebrate the darkest and most evil comestible of all; alcohol, which is legal and which IS USED to legitimize bad behavior. When I was in prison I was astounded at the number of inmates who could not remember doing what they did because they were all DRUNK. Some of them were doing 30 years and life and I remember them shaking their heads and saying, “I don’t remember.”
whoa whoa alcohol
You taste so cold and sweet.
You knock me off my feet
but you make my soul crawl
You give us nothing but dreams
Then you take them all
Jesus is the only way
But I don’t think I’ll go today
I’m just sit back and have a ball
With my old friend, alcohol
Green and brown your kingdoms come
the bottles gleam and drink the heart
but deep within the spirits drown
and what is lost cannot be found
and what is lost cannot be found
in alcohol
When the moon rises
I hear your call
I want to be somebody different
Or no one at all
I want to rage like the devil
Stand ten feet tall
Still you’re a fool if you listen
To alcohol
Fire in the blood
And death in the air
But I got no fear
Hey what do I care
I can beat every system
I can climb every wall
I’m the king of the moment
With my queen-
I did/do not like Andy Warhol. I despised Jackson Pollock for what he was in life and in art. In art he was a pretentious, ill mannered poseur. He was notorious for shitting on people’s carpets and in their fireplaces, especially those who might have been considered friends, though I doubt he had any. To me, the greatest art manifested by a true artist is ‘their life’. Only a real artist knows how difficult it is to carry yourself well in real life with that fire burning in you. There were periods where I did not. Finally I have somewhat mastered that. Jackson was technically a product of the generation previous to the 60’s but his fame was assuredly of the 60’s. I could not stand Yoko Ono. Few of you have heard the awful, caterwauling productions of her (cough-cough) music. I have. It is execrable and intolerable but there are other reasons to dislike this woman. I don’t think about her much but… if she comes up in conversation… heh heh.
My friend, Gary Kupper is a recording artist, who now and again fell on hard times and wound up driving limousines for a car service, which resulted in him ferrying the famous through the club life outposts of their zombie dance through the disappearing temporary. We were having a drink one evening when he related to me a story about his experience of Andy Warhol. He was driving him and a young hopeful around through The Village from one place to the next. At one point he looked into the rear view mirror into the back seat and saw Warhol blowing the kid. Once he had finished, Warhol spit the semen into the ashtray in the back door. Gary was a tad disgusted by this since he had to clean out the ashtray at the end of his shift; or maybe before.
One other individual from the 60’s that I could not stand was- Robert Mapplethorpe. If you try to find examples of his art, you find tame and artistic renderings, often of women (though his work was mostly gay. I’ve seen his other work for which he is most remembered and it is as profane as it gets. It really is pornographic and a celebration of the specific depravities associated with a sexually dysfunctional lifestyle. They’re rehabilitating him now because they are making a film about him. He’s getting sanitized and this is why I haven’t been able to find any of his darker work, which was most of it. It’s all stylized snaps and strangely, focused on the female. They are of a type where you could see the subject draped over a new car or holding an alcoholic beverage.
Mapplethorpe’s artistic rival over the years might well have been Tom of Finland, though he preceded him, time-wise. They made a movie about him too. He was more of a cartoonist and a caricaturist of the gay lifestyle and you can see examples of his work here. If a picture is worth a thousand words then Tom’s might be paraphrased as ‘worth a thousand expletives’. There’s plenty of them, simply scroll down. This is what passes for timeless art in these times and the motive behind the attention being drawn toward this kind of work is the conscious elevation of depravity and degeneracy.
Why can I not find graphic images of Mapplethorpe’s more controversial works and which compose the lions share of it? I’ve been (in the 60’s) to openings of Mapplethorpe’s work. He was really big in New York because he was from New York. This is what I get of his work when I go looking for it. By comparison with what I have seen, these images are seriously tame. He’s got a lot of shots of foreign items being inserted into his ass as well as the asses of his subjects but I can’t find any of them.
Once again you see here a posting focused on a particular lifestyle. Unless you’ve been sleeping in Rip Van Winkles watch pocket, you know it is being celebrated and promoted everywhere and especially in the curriculum of elementary schools. This is open warfare going on everywhere in schools today and those promoting this are laughing about it. This is abhorrent and demonic madness.
There is a relentless and calculated agenda going on in the media and entertainment world wide. Out of nowhere comes this Cardi B character who did an awful rap tune entitled “Bodak Yellow” She gets promoted everywhere. Next thing you know she’s hooked up with a guy from the group, ‘Migos’ or ‘Migros’. They are one of the top rap groups going. Next thing you know she’s pregnant by the guy; just like all the Kardashians suddenly getting pregnant by rappers and basketball players. It’s all scripted folks. That infected anal fissure of a website, TMZ, run by a Tribe Lawyer, is all about D-List celebrities that they refer to as A-List. They are all rappers and assorted bitches and ho’s. The purpose of this website is to put these rappers and their lifestyle before the eyes of a moth in the candle flame public and give it the imprimatur of a legitimate life style and art form.
Kanye West is supposed to be meeting with Donald Trump. He’s showing up everywhere. He’s now a Trump supporter and is being realistically discussed as a presidential candidate for 2020. There is a wave of crazy being whipped up off-camera and it is ALL ABOUT sucking the public mind down into a swilling septic tank for the purpose of blacking out Mr. Apocalypse and concealing the portals of spiritual awakening, while greasing the skids of the ramp to perdition. Armageddon is taking place on the information highway, not on the battlefields of banker generated wars for profit.
TMZ is concentrated on manufacturing role models for coming generations. First they levered this moron into public view, by getting her on Dr. Phil, who is one of the more loathsome Satanists going. Now she has a recording contract and a reality show. There’s nothing accidental about any of this. If you check out the series of links in the first hotlink in this paragraph, you will see the progressions. Step by step, TMZ and their Satanic-Atheist backers are bringing these skanky, retarded blowup dolls out of underground labs, where they manufacture them in chemical vats; creating them out of poisoned DNA and grafted demon body parts. I’m not making this up and if you did the research like I do, you could clearly see the process at work.
This is not a personal fantasy. This is not something I am dreaming up in my mind. It’s happening and its purpose is to distract the public mind from the contemplation of the divine within us and focusing it on the toxic appearances that are ferried up from the infernal regions to bind and enslave us, in a perpetuating darkness of terror, fear and dread. It is taking place in real time. Remember this, if you remember nothing else that I have ever brought to your attention; “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” That is ALL you have to know and perform. Practice this and you will have come to the heart of eternal life and the essence of the critical importance of everything enduring and meaningful. Set this at the central locus of your heart and mind and the true light will illuminate your being and raise you into the company of angels.
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