A Manifest State, Clothed in Darkness and a Triumphant, Ineffable Love

Visible Origami — May 2, 2018

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(Christmas came early this year. One of my biggest heroes and the finest collaborator I have ever worked with, took one of my better postings and did his usual Maestro Magic. The thought that this was true about the posting came into my mind immediately after I proofed it. I don’t like to get into the value of measuring my work because, if it is any good, I didn’t write it. Gratitude fills the room I occupy with waves of appreciation. Cue-Speechlessness.)
World unchanging- beneath the cover-slip of fear. Anxious angst of no discernible source. The fidget of time, trembling with negative awe. Fingers tapping on the table, interspersed with sighs. Something from long ago, the size, shape and constitution forgotten but… there is an uneasy silence, as if someone knows more than they are aware of.
From whence does it come? It comes out of the nightmare catcher of material darkness. This is not the first thought that might come to mind as one ponders the source of uncertainty. One might think of The Devil sleepwalking. One might think of the coalescing wrath of the ineffable, as the world wobbles in disorientation, the center cannot hold as the axis loses sight of True North and is falsely magnetized and going South. One might consider the nature of the times and the gathering suspense that attends each changing line from the Cliff Notes I-Ching. James Earl Jones has been replaced by Geraldo Rivera. Luke… this is not your father; it is a strange cuckold who rapes their own mind.
The uneasiness that comes out of material darkness seems to have a multiplicity of origins. Materialism is Legion. It seems to be coming from everywhere, like ventriloquism speakers. The fixative is not fixed. It’s all alchemy but… in times of material darkness there are a surfeit of bad alchemists. It speaks to overkill because in times of material darkness, everything is trying to kill you. Overkill is a synonym for surfeit. Myriad is a synonym for Legion.
The demons were cast out of the possessed man and sent into the Gadarene Swine. This was allegedly at the request of the demons. After this happened, the whole town went out to meet Jesus and pleaded with him to leave the region. What? Read the text that attends these links. There are all sorts of strange associations that are composed of information that begs certain questions.
Material darkness is a manifest state that is clothed in darkness. As anyone who have ever entered a room that was in darkness knows, you do not know what is in that room, unless you were recently in that room with the lights on and you still don’t really know because it could have been rearranged in your absence and even more important; how well you recall the exact placement of all the objects in the room when the light was on?
Material darkness is very disturbing because it seems to be lit. You seem to be able to tell where you are going. Material darkness is lit with a false light. When you look up the definition of ‘false light’ in a search engine you get a legal term. If we search for, ‘what is spiritual false light’ then we get some interpretations, general and specific when related to something specific. We find that there are different types of spirituality that have different qualities of light.
Then there is a false light that exists in the afterlife. No doubt you remember that scene in Poltergeist where the little girl is being admonished not to go into the light. I think this is what they are talking about.
I have not read this article. However… I suspect it deals with something that often comes to my mind when I think of the New Age. I have a former girl friend. We had one of those star-crossed romances. It was volatile and explosive. She was ALWAYS into The New Age and I was not. I have a phobia about the New Age. I realize that there are many aspects to the New Age that are valid, legitimate and reflect certain ageless teachings and timeless certainties that are resident in a place prior to the religious or spiritual schematic they later appear in. At the same time, the New Age is rife with deception and dangers greater that mere physical dangers. There are systems of thought like, A Curse of Miracles.
Right off the bat you’ve got the false news, Huffington Post promoting it and you’ve got Offal Winfrey promoting it. Do you really need any further clarification of this? I do not. The character of the authors might create questions for some. There are so many points of view and so many reworked and revisionist efforts, where ancient, legitimate teachings, were recycled into new and improved systems, where the ones so engaged, profited immensely from the plagiarisms. There are so many characters like, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle-Booth; too many to list who demonstrated as self interest icons, grabbing anything that wasn’t nailed down and then coming back with crowbars for everything else. I’ve been studying the phenomena for years and over and over and over, coming to the same conclusions while, freely admitting that there are some number of good and useful ideas that can be found.
I’m not interested in the latest version of Legion. I’m not interested in 10,001 New Age systems for Dummies. I’m not interested in being a motivational speaker, although, I do happen to be one, I guess. I’m not charging you for it. This is not due to some high-minded altruism on my part. The fact is that I cannot charge for something that is priceless and should not charge for something that is worthless and you may well, on occasion get both from me. Hopefully the latter is a rare occurrence (please… dear God.) I have heard that one does not charge for spiritual truth. Those who are charging have all kinds of slick and convoluted justifications for charging. Shutan is a Tribe name, though I don’t know if it applies to this carnival barker.
I am fine with people getting something from the New Age and I have CLOSE FRIENDS who profit from what they have gleaned from the New Age. I don’t pass judgment on that area of inquiry overall. I simply have reservations about any number of practitioners from that neck of the deep woods. I love you so much Lord! You are the one that I seek to be in communion with. You are the one who will and does illuminate my thought and flood my heart with your love. I need no other resource. You are the be all and end all- the alpha and omega of my existence. You have many names and faces but you are the perfect mirror of the self unto the self. Like a wind that never, never stops blowing. Like a stream that never, never stops flowing. In this way, my love keeps right on growing, through every mad escape into wonder on my way to you. Because you are everything to me. You are everything to me, as far… as far as I can see. You are …everything to me.
I got nothing more to say about the New Age, the Old Age and any age in between. I got nothing more to say about any religion or system of thought. I don’t know jack about chakra cleansing. I don’t know about fire walking and aura cleansing. If you type it into a search engine, the drop down menu offers, aura cleansing music, aura cleansing spray, aura cleansing bath, aura cleansing techniques, aura cleansing reiki, aura cleansing spray recipe, aura cleansing benefits, aura cleansing essential oils and- for some reason- Aura Toronto. Chakra cleansing has Toronto also (grin), as well as all of the options that are available for Auras as well.
God, whether associated with religion or simple aspiration, devoid of trappings, is my road. I don’t have any use for religion but I know many people do, so I do not discount it for others. Some people are much better off with a system to operate in and intention defines their course. The state of their heart and their pursuit of the ‘qualities of God’ says everything about the way ‘character is fate’ applies to them. I know God is real and I know that anything that may be considered real about me is associated with the indwelling deity, for which I provide a residence. If the ineffable is resident in me, it immediately and completely displaces certain other things. Where God is present, certain other things cannot be. Where God is not present, certain other things are resident. I prefer the automatic adjustments made to me by hosting the divine. It is the decision of the divine whether I am able to host the divine. I trust that the ineffable has that predilection in respect of me.
The ineffable has said to me, “rely on me!” The ineffable has to me he is coming, more and more into residence as the necessary changes are made in me to permit this. The ineffable has told me I am his friend. It is my highest aspiration that this be so. The ineffable is the centerpiece of my existence. Every other consideration is secondary. The ineffable is more important than everything else put together. May this be enduring, everlasting and true of everyone of us, for whom it is the single greatest and most profound objective.
May the Lord, bless and protect and transform us. May we be swept up in the love of the ineffable. May everything else drop away and the divine alone remain.
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