Illuminati Play Dirty: Targeted Assassination — April 25, 2018

arafat victim of targeted assassinationIsrael’s Assassination Program Laid Bare in Shocking Detail in Ronen Bergman’s new book Rise and Kill First: The History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations
From Lord Moyne to Count Bernadotte to Yassir Arafat, Israel has waged war against those who obstruct its agenda by assassination.  Even today they bomb Iranian bases in Syria without provocation  Curiously, Israeli’s opponents have not retaliated in kind.
Assassination is a weapon throughout the West too:
Makow –
——CIA Murdered JFK & Mary Pinchot Mayer
———-The Man who Knew Too Much about World War Two 
———Swedish Activists’s Murder Spurs Call to Action 

Israel’s Assassination Program Laid Bare in Shocking Detail

by David B Green — (abridged by

[Assassinations] range from the pre-state era when Zionist operatives targeted British officials and Arab marauders in Palestine, and Nazi murderers in Europe, to recent hits on Hamas and Hezbollah terror masters and a series of sudden deaths of otherwise healthy Iranian nuclear engineers.
Some of these tales could easily strain credulity – not just because the stories themselves read as if drawn from spy fiction, but also because it’s hard to believe so many of them are being reported here for the first time and in a single volume. However, a perusal of Bergman’s notes informs us that most of the operations described in the book – many of them assassinations – were revealed to him in personal interviews (with more than 1,000 sources, many identified here only by code names) or by way of documents that made their way into his hands.
If all of this makes “Rise and Kill First” sound academic or technical, it is anything but. Anyone who enjoys thrillers will revel in its reading, even as he or she will be compelled to consider the troubling issues it raises.


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