Doctors in Germersheim fear for their lives

Compact — April 28, 2018 machine translation

In the district of Germersheim, female doctors do not want to enter foreign flats at night without company. What exactly they are afraid of, is not said in the mainstream media. Only an opinion of the AfD contains an allusion.

All 45 medical and family doctors established in the district of Germersheim have written a letter to the public, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr Ing. Thomas Gebhart, vehement protest against their situation in on-call service formulated.

Since after 19.00 no driver is available, the doctors have to enter alone apartments. There are no witnesses. Fake calls that trap them are completely defenseless. The fear goes so far that they offer male colleagues up to 1000 euros, so that take over their shift. Now the doctors are asking for support from male paramedics, who can act as both protection and medical assistants.

If, on the other hand, everything remained the same, Germersheim’s future medical care would be in jeopardy: “In the next few years, many practices will be handed over for reasons of age. The family medicine is increasingly female. In view of the dangers in the emergency service in its current structure, even fewer GP surgeries will find a successor. The specialist medical practices will not fare any better. “

Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Gebhart (CDU) said: “I expressly support the doctors’ concerns. I have a lot of sympathy for that. “Aggressions to helpers are by no means rare.

Striking is that and other mainstream media do not say a word about who the doctors are suddenly so scared. A hint comes from the direction AfD.

Their migration policy spokesman in the Landtag of Rhineland-Palatinate, Matthias Joa, also commented: “The AFD faction carries the demand of the doctors with, knowing that it is pure symptom treatment. Germersheim has undergone a significant change in recent years. In order for the sometimes precarious conditions not to worsen, the country must now intervene decisively and impose further measures.

The AfD is happy to participate in a solution-oriented and fact-based debate. Whether this is possible with District Administrator Brechtel and Mayor Schaile, will still show. To this end, the AFD Group will help with a small request. “