There’s Nothing here that Matters. It Matters not at All…

Visible Origami — April 27, 2018

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Two nights ago, I went to bed and never slept at all because the ineffable paid me a visit and didn’t leave until the dawn’s early light. It seems that a certain segment of humanity is engaged in seeking to communicate with the ineffable. Some of them come from religious traditions and then there are people from all walks of life. The ineffable said that I had passed a certain gate that now permitted me to have a deeper relationship with the divine and the process that expedites the… process? There is a general evolution that takes place over the course of any number of lifetimes. Kind of like if one is pushed along a route. This is an internal route where levels of awakening take place. There is some amount of interplay between the creator and the created. The speed of the process is dependent on the passion of the supplicant. There is a general push but it is a slow road. Something like a pinball that bounces off of the bumpers …but unlike a pinball machine there is no quick downward ball through the chute. It’s a level plane. The predictable events of human existence keep bouncing off of the bumpers. Eventually one comes into a conscious partnership with the objective.
So I was taken into a space and told that all that was required of me was that however I approached the objective, I had to walk the walk and talk the talk; walk the talk. My spontaneous reaction was, “well then Lord, I want to walk with you and talk with you.” Suddenly it was as if some alarm then went off because I had said the magic word. Some amount of “so be it” followed after. In this space critical archetypes interplay. The first one I saw was Memory. It had a direct connection to the ineffable. Reason came, it had a connection through Memory. There was another which has escaped me and then the integrating sex factor appeared and it connected directly and was merely a matter of how it is viewed and where directed.
Everyone else that was in the space was at some measurable level and everyone had a connection to everyone, without knowing who they were, the level they were at and whether they were corporal or not. Questions would be asked. When they were answered, one was advanced or set back. The scenery was an internalized awareness of the archetypes and other participants. Not everyone was there for the same reasons and the intensities differed. It was startlingly real. There is a point in anyone’s existence, should they be so disposed, where the pursuit of the ineffable, can become the centerpiece of one’s existence.
It was not what I expected. One might have expected time to play a role but there was no real sense of time as an autonomous entity, or as any form of integrated measurement.
I got the sense that we are ALL in this space, at all times some knowing and some not knowing. Some in kinetic association and some at potential. One got a real sense of levels and nothing operated in a traditional manner. It was very absorbing, as well as emotionally involving. I found myself saying, “I love you, Lord” over and over. It seems that there is a place where all of the usual dream schemes of day to day interplay are put aside and the choreography of eternal dance comes into play. One advances due to awareness. Each new level of awareness manifests a counterparting environment and when one is fully engaged in the mirror reflecting interaction, it is a simple matter of the relevant dots, connecting through a sympathetic vibrating resonance. In many way it is a lot like math and higher math lets you shoot around corners. The Limbic System is much involved and we have the Sella Turcica. There’s a yellow golden pyramid that can light up the joint. Brother Ajna has that covered. Certain comestibles can activate and open yon splendor.
This is my life. I could have been smarter. I could have taken a less dangerous path but here we are and one gets bonus points for ‘degree of difficulty’. Factor that in with Mr. Apocalypse and the fact that a large percentage of the population has their comestibles (figurative and literal) of choice. I consecrate all of my ingestions with the timeless rituals of doing it all in the name, honor and service of the ineffable. Why you are doing anything is of critical importance and why I say that the hellfire the sinner burns in, the saint bathes in- ‘bathed in the light’. I am climbing Jacob’s ladder. Nor should we forget that Joshua fit the battle of Jericho.
So… I’m in there now; probably was there all along …but one of those not activated for the to and fro but now, steady as she goes. The important thing to me and possibly to you as well, is that God is more involved with us than we know. God assuredly loves us more than we reciprocate and went looking for us before we started looking. Think of God as something like Amazon’s Alexa, only conscious, much more conscious than we are. We are being lifted up into the light but we struggle. We attempt to crawl back into our cell, under the floorboards of darkness. There is a film called “Jacob’s Ladder”, which deals with this construct in an interesting way. “Be not deceived, even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment”
The deceptions and exposures are intensified in Kali Yuga where the bills are paid. What many people do not realize about Karma is that you can meet it before it arrives, you can dispose of it through credit, which involves you in performing good works, or through grace and divine intervention, which is available to some. There are also austerities and sacrifice which is especially good currency in the Piscean Age, though we are moving into Aquarius now and brotherhood is the emblematic icon. Certainly sisterhood is operational as well. I don’t know about things like the patriarchy and white disenfranchisement as well a genocide. I don’t operate in those zones and never have. I have no sense of white privilege, white guilt. I’m aware of the justifications for much of it. There are predilections embraced by some that certainly speak to levels of injustice. Karma complicates this because you can be a white corporatist in one life and a black woman in another. You can be a pimp in one life and a ho in another. As a song in the Mikado says; “let the punishment fit the crime”.
In this world, there is a lot of blame being attached where it doesn’t apply and where sometimes it does. The worst among us are being elevated and suggested for president. The talentless absurdities being foisted on us makes one want to vomit. They’re making stars out of individuals who are an offense against the human race. It is truly insane. We must keep to the way and let The Way develop a path for us, because myriad destinies are all being worked out in different locations with very diverse results.
The whole point is to dehumanize us, to glorify the Satanic and diminish the divine. There will never be a time when evil can overthrow the natural order and when the appearance of such does manifest, it is only for the purpose of demonstration. Everything is an advertisement for awareness. If one sees truly what is taking place, then simply the awareness of it, as it is is, an antidote and a protection against that. We are free to choose the paths we walk and free also to experience the value or lack thereof.
I’ll close with the lyrics to one of my song-
“It Always Breaks Your Heart”
There’s nothing here that matters
It matters not at all
We sail on the Titanic
Or we never get the call
To live with more than you can spend
Or barely buy a meal
It’s just life and life goes on
and it always will
Somewhere there is laughter
and somewhere there are screams
and somewhere both together
Like sunlight through the rain
and then you get a rainbow
a promise so they say
and even if it does come true
one day it goes away
And this is all a movie
this is all a dream
except that you believe it’s true
what you are watching on the screen
You get caught up in the film
and then you play your part
it may be good it may be bad
but it always breaks your heart
There’s nothing here that matters
It matters not at all
one day you’re young
one day you’re old
one day your not at all
a lot of noise and flashing lights
a lot of wish there weres
something else somewhere else
but it never occurs
When you were a child
it was the only time you knew
and now your life is over
with so much to still live through
And this is all a move
this is all a dream
except that you believe it’s true
what you are seeing on the screen
You get caught up in the film
and then you play your part
it may be good it may be bad
but it always breaks your heart
Now… the whole thing was designed this way
to make you disappear
cause only when you are truly gone
can what is real appear
Yeah there’s nothing here that matters
It matters not at all
just take the whole thing lightly
and be prepared to fall
Be ready for the rushing wind
be caught by angels hands
just believe it to be true
cause no one understands
oh… this is all a movie
this is just a dream
except that you, you think it’s real
what you’re watching on the screen
You get caught up in the film
and then you play your part.
It may be good and it may be bad
but it always, always, always, breaks your heart
The fourth night now passed and no sleep, a catnap here and there through the days, with no fatigue but that ongoing fugue state of trance. This morning, having finally drifted off for a short while, I saw this man in a suit, wearing glasses with a big, downward looking but secretive smile. I was inordinately attracted to him and a sense of kinship was very strong. I sat up wondering about this and then, spontaneously, out of nowhere, I turned around inside myself and asked, “Lord… was that you?” I heard laughter and he said, “Wow! How did you get that”? (as if he didn’t know- grin). This filled me with such a sense of wonder and sanctuary. It’s little things like this that make my day.
I love you, Lord.
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