The Second Front and Mel Gibson’s Movie

Adolf Hitler desperately wanted to avoid a second front against the West because a simultaneous two-front war would repeat the disaster of WWI. He wanted at least passive acceptance from the West for his war against Russia, but England and France did not give it to him. Finally his hatred and impatience just got the better of him and he ended up in ignominious defeat.

It is argued here that today’s Judeo-Nazis are committing something akin to the fatal mistake of the German Nazis.

Zionists knew that any “Jews only” state carved out of Palestine would require a foreign patron as a sugar daddy to subsidize and protect it. The list of sucker states recruited to fill this dubious function has included Turkey, England, Soviet Russia, France, the United Nations, and the all-time heavyweight Uncle Sucker of them all, the United States of Amnesia.

The Zionist political and military invasion of Palestine always had the potential makings of a wider anti-Islamic religious crusade because the Zionists never committed themselves to any fixed borders.

Thus, these are the two fronts the Zionists always faced: 1.) the Palestinians who had the “crazy, anti-Semitic” idea that a bunch of privileged Jewish bigots from Vienna, Berlin, etc. did not have the right to expropriate, expel, or exterminate them. 2.) some patron-sucker state that had to be bribed, blackmailed, or bullshited into paying for the “Jews only” ethnocracy [ = the rule of a self-chosen ethnic group over all others] by forking over boatloads of money and sacrificing battalions of human cannon fodder and lots of its own political credibility.

On the Palestinian front, the Zionists have been stale-mated and stymied. Even with an overwhelming predominance of military technology the Israelis cannot silence the native-born Palestinians.

So here we have the Judeo-Nazis bogged down on their anti-Islamic front and what do they do on their crucially important Christian front? Just as Adolf Hitler wanted and expected England and France to support him on his anti-Soviet front, today’s Judeo-Nazis want and receive lots of support from their guilt-ridden Christian stooges. That is why we are incessantly inundated with so much nonsense about a mythical Judeo-Christian tradition. The Pat Robotsons and Jerry Foulmouths of the world do not know the first thing about Judaism and Christianity. The first thing about these two religions is that there is an Old Testament and a New Testament. “Old” as in “old car” and “new” as in “new car.” And this finally and directly brings us to Mel Gibson’s watered down version of the New Testament narration of Jesus’ Passion and to the suicidal tirades of the Self-Chosen People’s self-appointed big mouth, Pope Abe the Fox.

Apparently nobody told Pope Abe that the support of brain-dead American Gentiles is still crucial for the survival of Israel’s “Jews only” phoney ethnocracy and for the success of its very real “Drang nach dem Osten.” [Drive to the East!] Many more Gentiles have to fight and die for Israel in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and only the war G-d Yahweh out of the Book of Joshua knows where else. Many more boatloads of the sinking dollar have to be shipped over to keep Israel afloat. Many more cartons of military secrets still have to be stolen by as yet unidentified Jonathan Pollards. Many more UN resolutions protesting Israel’s lawlessness still have to be vetoed. And our American congress, the finest that AIPAC money can buy, still has to run a lot of interference for Israel’s Pandora’s box of crackpot criminal schemes.

Poor Abe! He really blew it and let out of the bag the dirty little secret of Judeo-Nazi hatred and contempt for anything and everything Christian. Christianity is not now being anti-Semitic, but for Abe and his ilk the very being of Christianity is everywhere and always “anti-Semitic.” Even the philo-Semitic Nietzsche said that Jews are the greatest haters in history.

And that hate is directed most intensely and intently at anything connected to the name of Jesus. The Talmud teaches that Jesus is boiling away in excrement in hell and his mother was a whore. Whow! Not much of a basis there for ecumenical dialogue and touchy-touchy feelly-feelly brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God stuff there. The Talmud is light years removed from the great respect that the Koran has for Jesus and His mother.

What are these hyper-stupid Christians doing fighting in Zionized Judaism’s big dirty anti-Islamic war?

The other tentacles of Judeo-Nazi influence in America must be really pissed at Pope Abe for making such a mountain out of such a molehill. The Dennis Ross Martin Indyk cabal of traitors controlling Bill Clinton did such a slick job of bamboozling everyone into thinking that Ehud Barak had actually offered the Palestinians a state. What a fantastic snowjob of blaming the victims! The Richard Perle-Paul Wolfowitz neocon traitors’ nest got Baby Bush to invade Iraq for Israel, then Bushwhacked the sphincter, and has now left the helpless turd holding the bag. And now it looks like Baby Bush will join his Daddy, Peanuts Carter, and Jerry Ford as one-shot unre-electables because they all somehow displeased America’s Israel-firsters.

At any rate, congratulations and thanks to Pope Abe the Fox for helping to make the Mel Gibson film a smashing commercial success and perhaps thereby contributing to an awakening of Christian pride that will end the cowardly and self-destructive support for Israel’s insanely evil race war against the Palestinians and its Book-of-Joshua-type religious war against our fellow monotheistic religion of Islam.

Come home, America! Pull the plug on the Judeo-Nazi ethnocracy!

Courtesy Raja Mattar