New Documentary Celebrates Jewish Superiority

Michael Hoffman — via April 21, 2018

What’s with the Jews? – Trailer from John Curtin on Vimeo.

Watch this 2-minute trailer for a new documentary “What’s With the Jews?”
Jews view themselves as a tiny minority who were persecuted throughout history because they were smarter than everyone else.  Literally, they say they’re hated because they show how great human beings could be and remind the goyim of their own failure. 
Expelled from 109 countries all because of envy. 
Could there be another reason for anti-Semitism?
For instance, the Talmud and Kabbalah regard non-Jews as animals (see excerpt below.) The film repeatedly cites Jewish Messianism where Jews will “heal the world” and usher in a utopia. They will do this by destroying every Gentile social unit — family, nation, race, and religion. These are the current goals of globalism, Communism and the NWO evidenced in migration, multiculturalism, gender dysphoria, political correctness, gun grab, censorship and the loss of free speech.
The Jewish World of Feb 9, 1883, defines this Jewish Messianism:
“The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people. They are the only cosmopolitan people and in this capacity must act and are acting, as a solvent of national and racial differences. The great Ideal of Judaism is …that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations – a greater Judaism, in fact — all the separate races and religions shall disappear.
“As a cosmopolitan people, Jews have passed the stage that the national form of separatism represents in social life. They have made the whole world their home. By their activities in literature and science, by their dominant position in all branches of public activity, they are gradually molding gentile thinking and systems into Jewish molds.”
Organized Jewry is also a solvent of family and morality. Multiculturalism, miscegenation, homosexuality and feminism are not about “tolerance and human rights.” They are about shredding the social fabric, dissolving European Christian culture and civilization.  Might any of this cause anti-Semitism?

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