Jeanice Barcelo Update- We are Surrounded by Radiation — April 18, 2018

Analog-v-Smart-Meter-graphic (1)“I would never have imagined that while I am writing a book about ultrasonic irradiation and the damage it is wreaking on the genetic, immunologic, and reproductive health of our children, that I would succumb myself to microwave radiation poisoning.”
EVERYWHERE ELSE that I drove — every store I entered into, every parking lot — ALL OF THESE PLACES HAD EXCEEDINGLY HIGH LEVELS OF RADIATION/EMF. 
This updates Jeanice Barcelo’s March 26 article –
Smart Meters & Baby Monitors Are Killing Us

by Jeanice Barcelo — (

Dear friends – I wanted to let you know as soon as possible that,  after 6 long weeks of communications with PSEG Long Island and pleading with them to remove the “opt-out” digital smart meter that is making everyone in this house sick — and after filing an informal complaint against them with the Dept of Public Service who did an “investigation” into the matter — we have just received a letter from the NYS Dept of Public Service stating “PSEG LONG ISLAND HAS AGREED TO REINSTALL AN ANALOG METER IN YOUR HOME!!!!”
I cannot wait for this to happen and am absolutely thrilled to receive this letter. Wow. I guess all of my assertions about holding them liable as individuals and in their corporate positions were finally heard. I have been working on the InPower documents for several weeks.  I feel so tremendously relieved to be having that meter GONE from this house as I have been extremely traumatized by the illness it is causing both me and my parents.
For my own part, I came back to my parent’s house two days ago, after a brief 5-day reprieve at a friend’s house.  Within two hours of being in this house, the pressure in my head was overwhelming, nausea returned, tinnitus symptoms came on strong, my temperature dropped below normal (meaning my body gives up and stops trying to fight or regenerate itself), and I experienced various aches and pain in my joints and throughout my lymph and adrenals. This is a brief description of my symptoms, without including what is happening to my parents.
I received a radiation/EMF meter yesterday and began checking for myself what was happening in each room.  There is one corner of my mother’s bedroom that has normal readings.  Everywhere else has heightened levels of radiation/EMF.  I assume this is because the digital meter sends microwave radiation through all the electrical wiring in the house.
JEANICE.jpeg  I have moved my bed into that corner of my mother’s room for the time being so at least I can sleep in a field that is clean.  This will provide my body with some opportunity to regenerate itself.  A dear friend has offered to loan me the money for a faraday canopy for my bed.  It should be here in about 3 weeks and in the meantime, I will sleep in my mother’s room.  What a blessing it will be to receive that canopy!  Thank you Loula for your help with this!
I drove around this area yesterday with my radiation/EMF meter on and was horrified at how many times the meter went into “red” just driving through this area.  I had to drive all the way to the beach (about 20 minutes), crossing over multiple bridges and waterways to get to Robert Moses Island, and only when I was at the very farthest parking lot at the end of the road did I reach a place where radiation levels were normal.  EVERYWHERE ELSE that I drove — every store I entered into, every parking lot — ALL OF THESE PLACES HAD EXCEEDINGLY HIGH LEVELS OF RADIATION/EMF.  Driving near a tower (of which there were at least 3 between here and the Robert Moses beach) sent the meter into the extreme danger zone.  All of those people who live near Cedar Beach are in extreme danger.  The Babylon tower which is near the government building is also extremely dangerous and anyone who lives or works in this area is being hit very hard.
It is absolutely insane what is happening in our society and we must — WE MUST – stand up against this.  We cannot anymore lie down and allow these monsters to try to kill us and our children.  It is absolutely urgent for people to get informed about this matter, get your own radiation/EMF meters (I bought the Acousticom 2 thanks to the generous donations of friends), find out what is happening in your homes and do everything you can to neutralize these energies.



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