German Jews Would Have Backed Hitler…if Only — April 3, 2018

jp-reb-rabDoes the experience of German Jews in Nazi Germany contain a lesson for American Jews?
“The apparent inability of Jews [is] to understand or predict their own catastrophes.  The Jews, whose history consists of one tragedy after another, have yet to be prepared for any one of them.”
Joachim Prinz – The Secret Jews 
“They were as German as the German as the Germans, and sometimes even more so.”
Also see: ‘Jewish’ Senior Officers In Hitler’s Army: Erhard Milch, Wilhelm Keitel, Walther von Brauchitsch, Erich Raeder, and Maximilian von Weichs.

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Germany’s Jews were more German than Hitler, wrote Rabbi Joachim Prinz who was their spiritual leader in 1930’s Nazi Germany.
German Jews ” really wanted Hitler and I am sure that if Hitler had not been antisemitic, a large part, even a majority of the German Jews would have become National Socialists. After all, they were as German as the others, and all the German instincts of obedience and discipline were also in their blood…” (159) 
Germany’s 550,000 Jews had assimilated and were bewildered by Nazi race persecution. Many didn’t even know they were Jewish and, as today, most didn’t know what it means. About 60% of Jews married non-Jews.
Clearly, Hitler was a trick played on German Jews by the Zionists who financed him. Jews were needed as cannon fodder for Rothschild’s demented world tyranny, the NWO.


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