Man arrested with weapons cache, bump stock claimed secret government mission

CBS/AP — March 28, 2018

Francho Bradley (above) and Adrianne Jennings, along with a photo of the weapons. Click to enlarge

Francho Bradley (above) and Adrianne Jennings, along with a photo of the weapons. Click to enlarge

A man who faces weapons charges says he was on a classified government mission. The Lowell Sun reports 59-year-old Francho Bradley of Frisco, Texas told investigators this when he and his girlfriend Adrianne Jennings, 40, were arrested at a Tewksbury, Massachusetts hotel Sunday.

The two are being held without bail after being arraigned Monday in Lowell District Court in connection with a large seizure of weapons at the Residence Inn Sunday.

Bradley called the police while away from the room to say he believed there was a break in because a video surveillance device that he had in the room had cut out, reports CBS Boston, and that he had a firearm in his hotel room unsecured. He also told police that he needed the weapons because he was on a secret mission for the government.

When officers arrived, they found several long guns wrapped in a flight suit, the station reports. A search warrant was granted for the hotel room and the couple’s vehicle where more weapons, ammunition and large capacity feeding devices were found including an AK-47, an AR-15 with a grenade launcher, a large capacity shotgun and a bump stock, according to CBS Boston. 

The couple had allegedly driven from Texas to Massachusetts with the weapons. 

They were arraigned on several charges including improper storage of firearms, possession of a silencer and possessing a firearm without a license.

The couple’s defense attorney told the station that some of the weapons were props. They are due back in court March 30


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