Essay: The Hidden Laws of Existence & Virtual Currency

Les Visible — DarkWebNews March 27, 2018

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. We think life changes. Certainly appearances change. Sometimes we change but that is less likely and less often than we think.
People get set in their ways, often before puberty. Breaking out of the ruts of programming, indoctrination, the routines of our attractions and repulsions, get more fixed and predictable as we go and eventually we go.
Where we go is as obscure as where we came from. It is our lack of understanding about what makes life meaningful and then renders it meaningless that puts us in the hands of the international bankers.
The Great Depression was engineered by bankers. It was similar nasty behavior that led to the crash of 2008, and there is one waiting in the wings now. These are not accidents. There is not some kind of natural progression of voodoo bio-rhythms. This is all planned procedure.
What is the objective of it? Certainly there is an objective. I’ll give it to you in simple terms that cannot be argued against. We live in a debt-based culture. The point is to make you like a hamster on a treadmill in a cage. The treadmill is the interest on the loan of money printed out of thin air; and the cage is the bars of debt that keep you confined.
Then, when your health is gone because of the stress of your unnatural existence and the stress of going contrary to nature, you can avail yourself of one of the most avaricious healthcare systems in the world, where they will drain your entire life savings in the first year of your bogus and ineffective treatments.
They just love the long term and highly lucrative (for them) treatments. Cancer? They have no interest in curing or treating cancer. Cancer is their big cash cow.
I’m talking about seriously evil people here. I’m talking about psychopaths, and psychopaths flourish in times of material darkness.
The most difficult aspect of dealing with this is that it’s inescapable. Stages of materialism are stages of life. Cultures rise and fall. History teaches us that, and our own senses report the transitions.
As materialism becomes more pervasive and influential, time speeds up and the common human mind becomes more and more distracted by an overload of sensory input. So… right on time, as if it were waiting on its cue all along, like it had eyes, comes cell phone hysteria and the mass hypnosis of the general public on a tiny screen, a private little window into the whole world.
I watch them marching down the streets, sitting in bus kiosks, riding the train on some nowhere highway with Quixote in Spain. I’ve seen them coming and going, their eyes transfixed by the miniature screen.
They are indifferent to the cars moving in the street as they step right out in front of them, while they are texting in their cars and plowing into the family minivan headed from the other direction.
What is it that they are looking at? What is the intention of their thumbs, as they perform their mysterious tango across the tiny virtual keyboard? Hours and hours go by and they keep on keeping on.
Okay, before this degenerates into a series of comic book text balloons, over the heads of cartoon characters, let me attempt to pull this all together because there is a point here. There are several points that interdependently hold together, as the linchpins of the illusion that bedazzles us, one and all.
We’ve lived in the world for long enough that we take it for granted that what it seems to be actually is. And that leaves us wide open to cynical influences who prey upon our gullible nature and which permits us to be convinced of the lie that the world is what it seems to be and…it’s not.
I am not here to promote any particular religion or new age construct, done up in an all white outfit and shilling for dollars on behalf of a reprocessed system of beliefs, where the highway of life is interrupted every mile by an Eckhart Tolle Booth…ka-ching! Ka-ching!
There is one perspective to promote here and that is “self inquiry.” Another way of putting it is “know thyself.” When you discover who and what you are, you come to finally comprehend that there is no single world that we all share a part of. The world is a mirror and a direct projection of you.
You literally recreate your world every day and the reason it doesn’t change all that much is because your perspective remains the same, due to habit patterns and fixed routines.
The reason children can learn so much and progress so much is the relative absence of habit patterns and fixed routines.
Once again, let me try to get to the point. Although we live in individual bubbles of awareness, we are all subject to the thrall of the psychopaths who seek to keep us in a debt harness from the cradle to the grave.
Until now, there was little we could do about it because the system is rigged up and down and we race, out of breath on that treadmill, inside that barred cage getting nowhere, as fast, or as slow as we try to go.
Seemingly out of nowhere, cryptocurrency has come into being. Not one cryptocurrency, not a hundred cryptocurrencies, not one thousand cryptocurrencies but, as of today, over 1,300 cryptocurrencies and counting.
Do you even know what cryptocurrency is? Everyone is talking about it, but as is usually the case, people don’t know what they are talking about. If you want to learn about cryptocurrency, at least in the important and basic sense, the information is out there.
Why do some people make money on the stock market and so many others do not? I’m not talking about free-wheeling bull market runs that come and go and which most can make some money on.
I’m talking about when there are that unavoidable bear market turns, the doldrums of seasonal financial change.
This is what a lot of hedge funds are about and why they are the kings of the marketplace when it comes to high yield.
I might add that the risk factor is also great. Why do some people consistently win at poker and most everyone else bounces around in the up and down? They understand the principles!
When you understand the principles, you understand ebb and flow and the very features that bring other investors down, serve to lift you up because you understand the basic principles.
If you have bothered to look closely, you find they are very like the laws of nature and like the laws of nature, there are any number of them in the common parlance that we collectively accept to be provable by a continuing display of consistency in action.
What most people don’t get is that there are a good number of other laws of nature of which we are completely unaware, and they also present a continuing display of consistency in action…if we would only look for them.
You can transpose this recent mention of the laws of nature into the laws of the market and the laws of poker and hopefully realize that where most people go wrong is in playing according to the widely established laws of performance in each area and not bothering to look for the hidden keys that the professionals employ.
This is why they spend so much time reading and listening to the words of experts who are very often wrong, but they still pay attention to them because they are experts. Right?
I’ll use an example: a recently launched cryptocurrency called Peer Play which uses the Bookie app. The biggest betting period in the world comes around every four years and that is the World Cup. The next World Cup extravaganza is (drum roll) during 2018! How about that?
You find things like this when you study trends. Trends are points of measurement in the laws of nature, the laws of the market and the laws of poker.
You might think these laws are whimsical and possibly wildly speculative or even ridiculous. I assure you they are not.
If you’re not comfortable calling them laws then call them trends. Real experts know how to find these and often they are the net result of experience in their field of enterprise. If you study and apply yourself, you become informed—certainly more informed than those who do not. Does this sound like something your parents might have said to you? They aren’t always wrong.
So…what might you expect from a cryptocurrency that is connected to betting and appears in the very year where it would prove the most useful, used and effective? There’s an indication its value could soar and subsequently, so would the value of the investment made in it.
The cryptocurrency markets took a serious downturn at the year’s end. Some writers have hit on a few of the main reasons for why this happened.
One point made is that people withdraw their profits at the end of the year for holiday spending, especially in Asia. But the basic reality here is that things go up and down. There is an ebb and flow. There are “trends.”
About a week ago, Bitcoin fell below $8,000. Now it is over $10,000.
Perhaps you have noticed a similarity in ebb and flow between the stock market and virtual currencies? Everything is connected. By this, you can be fairly assured that changes in fractal-fiat currency will demonstrate in the virtual currency markets.
The Great Depression was rigged for the profit of bankers. So was the 2008 crash. You can be certain that another crash is on the way. Until now, we were pretty helpless at these banker efforts to play their debt-based games on us. Some knew how and why to put their money into real estate or precious metals but the bankers have a lot more say in what happened to us than they do now.
This is not to say they are not fully concentrated on getting control of virtual currency but, for the moment, we are back in the Wild West.
Virtual currency is real and my advice is to study it and give serious consideration to getting some measure of the potential of it.
There are people everywhere talking about how virtual currency is a scam, that it isn’t real. Jamie Dimon was dead set against Bitcoin, but now he’s changing his tune.
The truth is that no one knows exactly and comprehensively what is going on but if you study the ebb and flow, if you study the trends, then maybe you might get an idea of what I’m trying to say here but could never say as clearly and forcefully what your own thoughts will tell you if you take the trouble to educate yourself into what virtual currency is all about.