Do Cabalists Plan to Cull the Goyim? — March 27, 2018

Trump has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Satanist Jewish supremacist cult, Chabad

Trump has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Satanist Jewish supremacist cult, Chabad

Michael Hoffman says the Nazi concept of Master Race and Untermenschen (subhuman) is the same as the Cabalist view  of Jews (Master Race) & goyim (subhuman.)  Will the goyim suffer a similar fate as they did in Bolshevik Russia?
Trump’s ties to Cabalism and his preparations for war lead me to ask if the next war won’t be a pretext for massive gentile depopulation.
“One cannot be sincerely opposed to Hitler and Nazism without opposing its presiding spirit: Judaic racial occult magic.” Michael Hoffman

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The near-universal excoriation of Russia for the spy poisoning was batshit crazy. Thus we must assume this tawdry psyop was designed to demonize Putin and prepare for another world war sought by Cabalist Satanists.
Trump’s recent move support this interpretation.  1) Replacing Rex Tillerson with John Pompeo  2. Replacing H.R. McMaster with John Bolton 3. Trump’s plan to kill the Iran nuclear deal 4. The US exercises with Israel and arms buildup in Jordan  5. Putin’s recent display of nuclear superiority and enunciation of his nuclear doctrine. 6. Trump joining EU leaders in expelling Russian diplomats. 7. The increased blackmail pressure Trump must be feeling ie. Stormy Daniels et al.
In an article, Black Magic in Hasidic Judaism (Revisionist History, February-March 2018) Michael Hoffman, the foremost authority on Judaism,  lights up the landscape like a bolt of lightning at night. The West is controlled by a fanatical satanic cult that wants to instigate a world war as a pretext to kill or enslave Non-Jews.
We glimpse a future that makes the horrors of the previous world wars look like a picnic.  We may be in the position of Jews in 1930’s Nazi Germany who simply refused to believe their survival was in jeopardy.
There is very little meaningful opposition to Trump’s warlike actions.  The streets are filled with Soros-dupes. Where are the demonstrators demanding Trump keep his campaign promise to defuse tensions with Russia and stay out of gratuitous wars? We cling to the “normal” like a security blanket refusing to accept we are being stalked by psychopaths in a hall of mirrors.



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