Jeanice Barcelo- Smart Meters & Baby Monitors Are Killing Us — March 26, 2018


Jeanice Barcelo is an activist who specializes in the effects of porn, the sexualization of children and the harm done by circumcision.
 My youtube accounts were deleted when I started uploading videos about the fake Florida shooting.  At the same time, they deleted my blog because I had written a very potent article about the filthy lies we were being handed.  I have since re-uploaded the article here.  
Google also deleted my account on the same day.
As for Facebook, I had three different accounts deleted without warning at different times but always immediately after posting information from my forthcoming ultrasound book.  Keep in mind then when I post information from the book, I never mention the “j” word and is not mentioned once throughout the entire book.  Nevertheless, they do not want the ultrasound information getting out there. ” 

by Jeanice Barcelo — (

Over the past month, I have become increasingly ill due to the frequencies that are now being blasted at us 24/7 through the radiation grid.
I have been hearing these frequencies for about two years and was hearing them even when I lived 20 minutes outside of the city in Columbia, MO. To me, these frequencies sound like a constant, low-frequency, metallic, mosquito-like hum.
For a while, the sound was annoying, especially at night, but over the last month, it has become almost unbearable. The noise is so loud that I have had many nights where I am unable to sleep. My head is experiencing immense pressure and many times during the day I feel nauseous and unable to think straight. My heart is experiencing arrhythmias and palpitations and, in general, I am feeling extremely unwell.
Both of my parents are also experiencing major symptoms of what can only be called radiation poisoning and frequency assault. My father is rapidly losing his memory. He has difficulty balancing himself when he stands. He is experiencing leg cramps and has lost his sense of smell. He has also developed thyroid cancer and has spots on his lungs, and all of this has occurred within the last year.
My mother is experiencing respiratory problems and came close to death twice over the last year. She has other health issues as well, but the severe respiratory problems, which now require her to walk around the house with an oxygen machine, are fairly new.
ALL of these symptoms can be found listed as health effects caused by excessive exposure to microwave radiation and EMFs. Check out this page for more info about this.


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