Hyena Shit, Spread like Peanut Butter over the Wonder Bread Awareness of the Sponge Bob Mind

Reflections in a Petri Dish — March 26, 2018

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There is of course, more than one world ‘out there’. One of the reasons is that there is more than one world ‘in there’. There are other reasons too but let’s just take if for granted there is more than one external environment because all sorts of people, individually and in focus groups, do not agree with their own perceptions and certainly not with the perceptions of others. They are willing to agree that something is wrong but apparently there is no ongoing consensus on what that something is. That could be due to the something wrong being resident ‘in there’ and not ‘out there’. As any Visual Sight Specialist will tell you, you don’t really see the objects and settings you think you see outside of yourself, you see them inside your head, near the location that identifies and names what you think you see outside of you. It should be clear by now that there are all kinds of reasons for the confusions that runs rampant outside of and inside of us and we have listed only a few of them.
Another reason for the seeming confusion outside of us is due to the people who fabricate the meaning and value of what we think we see outside of us. Here is a good example of something meaningless except to the people who created the imaginary importance of it. Now would be a good time to travel back in time and visit with George Orwell who had said in one of his books, “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength”. Mr. Orwell’s book is titled, “1984” and he is considered a social prophet because the examples he used in the book have taken on a cultural reality, decades later, in the times in which we presently live.
War is Peace can be seen in operation, in recent times, by all of the wars created by international bankers and which are financed for the purpose of material profit for the bankers. We are told the wars are to institute peace in these regions but the peace does not occur. Freedom is Slavery can be seen in the streets and especially in the media, which tells us that freedom is achieved through behavior that actually enslaves those engaged in it and that liberty is license. Ignorance is Strength can be seen in almost every modern cultural setting where people are programmed to believe that the stupidest and most embarrassing behavior will give them power by exposing themselves as the dumb shits that they are.
Social media is one of the latest ubiquitous creations, where people can widely disseminate their paucity of intelligence and self awareness and turn themselves into laughing stocks. Cell Phones are the most recent mechanism for people to stay in touch with the attention given to their clueless activities and pimp themselves out for the withering scorn, couched as appreciation, by others desperately in search of a life and who punctuate their reactions with cute little emojis that would be considered retarded in the old days but which are no longer present because they have been made the victims of historical revisionism. Here is the greatest act of revisionism ever to be brought into being by a professional victim group for the purpose of taking the world’s attention off of their victimization of many others over a considerable length of time.
The most dangerous vehicle of deception in the world is appearances. Appearances lie. They advertise what the senses seem to report but they are a blind in reality, concealing the real beneath the false. People who take appearance as being real, condemn themselves to a life long, living confinement, in the dungeons of delusion and are transformed into fish farm residents, for those utilizing appearances like the bait on a fishhook. It is growth industry and one of its biggest byproducts is the cancer industry (a literal ‘growth industry). The cancer industry is big business and you can see the evidence during football season, where overpaid and not very bright athletes wear all manner of pink accessories to indicate their support of this business model.
Here is a little something about the nasty and vile use to which appearances are put and the truly psychopathic efforts behind the generation of massive profit industries, that first create cancer and then respond to it with alleged healing techniques that make one even sicker than they were. The processed and fast foods industries create cancer. Since this is being reported in a media organ that is one of the causes of mind cancer, you may be sure they are under reporting. Then once bad food and bad lifestyle create cancer (gee what a surprise this is) along with the pollution generated- ‘profit at all costs’ big businesses, the medical industries create expensive treatments that generally accomplish Jack Shit.
Unnatural physical situations are engineered by Satanists and then are treated with unnatural remedies and it should not surprise you that wealthy investors put their money in both cash cows, knowing that, like the private prison industry, they are a dependable source of financial return. It should also not surprise you that both the cancer industry generating businesses and the cancer treatment industries, are owned by often the same people who know full well what a dependable source of revenue both of these seemingly independent operations are.
In the world of the present, where we can see on all sides how true, McLuhan’s, ‘media is the massage’ is, we can also intuit (for those possessing an intuition) and objectively reason (for those possessing an objective reasoning capacity) that not only are appearances a lie but that a rather large collection of cabals and worker drones are quite busy making a killing (literally and figuratively) off of them.
In the world of the moment, the mass media is controlled by elements of the same cabal that is making a profit from manipulating and miss-identifying appearances. We are being led to believe that the larger percentages of the population are in full agreement with the lies and disinformation being spread like hyena shit, as peanut butter over the Wonder Bread awareness of the Sponge Bob Mind. This is not the case whatsoever. Though it is true that an alarming amount of the public is dumber than a rock and hungrier than a buzzard on a juice fast, a larger than presumed amount of the public is not stupid and is also being wakened up by Mr. Apocalypse and is soon to be brought to the general awareness, in ways and numbers not previously imagined and will wind up being reported on by the very people so relentlessly engaged in deceiving us otherwise.
They are scrambling like crazy to keep us in bondage and enthralled for awhile longer. They are desperate to undo as many constitutional protections as they can. One of the main reasons for this is that they know about Mr. Apocalypse and they know that all manner of new archetypes are coming into being, to anchor a more stable and truthful age with brotherhood as it’s model. They need to sink the ship of promise ASAP. When you confront the lies of these vipers within your mind, you strike a powerful blow for humanity, whether you hit the streets or not. Every mind that acknowledges the venal bullshit, presently in operation, exposes it in a telepathic manner across the collective mind-stream of thought, which the vipers are also involved in filling with obfuscations. You become a part of an invisible army that is growing by the day. God is not mocked and no one otherwise rules and controls this external and internal world besides the ineffable, DESPITE APPEARANCES TO THE CONTRARY!
Don’t be a dodo dunderhead, who swims with the unconscious fishes and winds up sleeping with the fishes. There is but one mind, no matter how many ‘seeming’ divisions abound in present time. These are just the echoes of bullshit in retreat and agents of deevolution, against the tides of what cannot be stopped. The will of the ineffable is beyond any possibility of opposition, except within the separated minds of those whose consciousness has been harnessed to the hamster wheel.
No matter what seems to be, it has no power against what is. What is, is ever triumphant over what is not, except, once again, within the closed confines of separated minds and their compromised senses that report and falsely legitimize fake news.
Be of good cheer my friends. It will not persist forever and the degree of difficulty you are experiencing is a fantastic opportunity for you to realize a quantum leap in consciousness and destiny, leaping over and bypassing all of what you would have been heir to in other times. Hold fast! Endure and aspire! The light of the world is resident in the seeming darkness of your mind and is the unifying force in the confusion of your heart. There would be no darkness except that you permit it to appear to be and there would be no confusion if your affections were single. The battle was won long ago; same today, yesterday and tomorrow and for all time.


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