Generation Z: Heartening Developments

Irish Savant — March 22, 2018

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It’s clear to me that in terms of defending White interests every generation since WW 2 has been worse than its predecessor. Surely then Generation Z (current secondary/high school cohort) must be the worst yet? Well no actually. Those many of us had dismissed as cucked and pussy-whipped soy-boys are, according to a stunning new research project, more based than I could have believed. As the top chart shows Gen Z Whites boys would have given Trump a virtual clean sweep of the Electoral College had they been allowed to vote. And it’s not just the boys. As the lower chart shows White Gen Z students of both sexes overwhelmingly supported Trump in marked contrast to older generations. Another study ‘shows that younger generations are turning back towards traditional gender roles after a half century of going in the opposite direction‘..


And it’s not just in the USA. A UK survey of almost 2,000 adults found that ‘on issues like gay marriage, marijuana legalization, transgender rights, and even tattoos, 59% of Gen Z respondents described their views as ‘conservative’ and ‘moderate’. This is a radical change from 83% Millennials and 85% of Gen X who state that their views are ‘quite’ or ‘very liberal’ on those same issues. What’s worrying [my emphasis] is that given their more conservative leanings, Gen Z was not taken into account during this election, even though for many of them it was their first. Younger generations are famous for being liberal, therefore we mistakenly assumed that Gen Z would vote Democratic. But studies show that Gen Z’s views closely resemble those of Libertarian or Moderate Republicans, and that they related with Donald Trump on issues like national security and job creation.’
And get this. The article goes on to lament the reason for this aberrant behaviour: ‘One facet would be that from the crib they were plunged into the era on the Internet, being able to research their own opinions on an iPad from the convenience of their couch.‘  In other words they formed their own opinions based not on the poz, rather by evaluating a broad spectrum of evidence. Now that must be worrying to our globohomo overlords.
What’s the explanation for this dramatic reversal? At this stage we can only speculate but here’s my tuppence worth. For a start they’re experiencing diversity up close and personal. Ubiquitous quotas and affirmative action mean that there’s no escape. It’s one thing to admire and support exotic pets when they actually are exotic. It’s quite another thing when you’re sharing your life with them. A young girl I know here in Ireland has had it with diversity. Four Africans are literally destroying her education (and that of the whole class) by their loud, aggressive and obnoxious behaviour, ill-discipline and not least, their stupidity. Yet she can see, even at her young age, that teachers and administrators treat the Africans with kid gloves and always shoe-horn into events and photos. Anecdotal I know but I’m 100% certain that were their no Africans in the class the kids would be your typical kumbayaa bleeding hearts. I’m equally certain that their experience is more the norm than the exception.
They must also be increasingly aware, even at a subliminal level, of the multi-faceted war being waged against Whites. Placed at the end of the queue for everything, their culture mocked, their race’s achievements denied, their countries swamped by hostile foreigners, strangers in their own lands. And, paradoxically, the explosive growth of identity politics is helping. Every minority, be it race, religion or sexual orientation can rejoice in and ruthlessly promote its own narrow interests. All except straight Whites who must surely find their own sense of identity developing as a result.
Finally, maybe it’s just Mother Nature. I picked up this comment somewhere and copied it. ‘I find the Whites of generation Z deeply poignant. Here these children are, being subjected to the full force of (((perfected propaganda))) every day of their lives… yet their instincts remain sound. Tribalism kicks in. Their backs are against the wall, they’re facing biological marginalization, dispossession, extinction. They see it and feel it. With these kids we see power of the blood, the power of life, on full display. It’s sadly beautiful.
Wouldn’t it be bizarre if Generation Z, molded by eons of accumulated genetic wisdom, shrugged off the tentacles of the Leviathan and turned out to be the Great White Hope?