The Confinements of Complexity and the Freedom of Simplicity

Visible Origami — March 22, 2018

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Lawd! Lawd… I got 99. Every day, you ask yourself, or at least I ask myself… is this the day? Is this the day that by some miracle of prayer and faith… some simulacrum of myself is made whole and real, despite all of the cosmic cock-blocking and mirage frottage of the laying on of hands to the end result of the real, shining through the unreal and acknowledging that the gossamer has never been so opaque as when we are actually trying to see through the cowpies of some idiot talking about manifest destiny? Maybe I am that idiot. It would explain a lot but given my concentrated focus on the truth at all costs and my relentless error of thinking I know what that is in the first place, I have to say, “it’s not all me unless it is all me.
I got a wack zone email a little while ago from some well meaning soul who wanted to let me know he has my back and that, more people than I know about, do as well and I know he means that. Regardless of the scattergun delivery, he sounds as sincere and as informed as I sometimes do when I forget that it is me doing it and… of course it is not. God is amazing in more ways than anyone can comprehend because through all of our convincing arguments with ourselves about who is responsible, God pulls it off while we are busy distracting ourselves about some cul de sac to and fro, in full display of what we don’t know. I don’t say, “I don’t know” as the fruit of some poorly manufactured false humility. I don’t say it because it sounds good or for any number of excuses we tell ourselves about the matter. I do it because I really don’t know. The more time that passes, the more I get the deeper meanings of what the man on the beach said to me. It comes to seem as if the entirety of my life, following the exchanges, has been clearly defined and clarified by what the man on the beach told me.
I had some of the most amazing experiences through my life… so many of them with such a degree of intensity that I can’t remember the many of them. I began to notice, as time slipped away, that my friends who were right there when some of these events happened, don’t remember the events, remember them incorrectly, or don’t care as their eyes glaze over and like a mental hiccup or a speed bump, it’s a momentary distraction and their minds are recycled into whatever version of reality they have embraced in order to move right along. This is not a knock on them. It is a peculiarity that is not an anomaly …that I have been noticing for a long time. I do not remember everything but significant events I do remember, whether they challenge my comfortable version of reality or not because, I don’t have a comfortable version of reality because they all become uncomfortable, sooner rather than later.
Regardless of the press of so many in the New Age, the easy way is not easy; just as Tiny is not tiny and Slim is not slim. The hard way is the easy way, since the easy way goes in a circle. The hard way goes in a spiral. People should study the law of inertia and all manner of elementary, supposed laws of, physics.
Everything involves work. This is where Karma Yoga comes from. The result of every thought, word and action is either wisdom or regret. Hence, Jnana Yoga. All of the same involve some amount of the mind and emotions or a combination. Hence, Raja Yoga. All of the same involve some ignorance of the self. Hence Kriya Yoga. Love, or the absence of Love is present or absent in every thought, word and deed. Hence Bhakti Yoga. Therefore- and so on and so on. In times of material darkness when the appearance of darkness (false light) is greater than the appearance of true light, Bhakti is the ONLY certain path. Simply put, the abnegation of the false self, opens the portal to the true self.
God is as real as we permit god to be, though god is real beyond our comprehension, regardless. This brings us back, if we are willing, to the concept of free will, which is not as we collectively have agreed to as the common interpretation. Free will is the freedom to surrender to the cosmic will or to oppose it. In times of material darkness, it is the collective response to what is not understood, that results in opposition.
“Say what you mean and mean what you say.’ ‘Do it right or don’t do it at all.’ Some of us find this onerous and some find it simplistic. It is neither, except as concerns the latter because we refuse to accept that it is all simple, once we no longer find it onerous. We complicate it and we make it onerous because we resist what is real, because it gets in the way of self interest. In times of material darkness, self interest runs rampant like Sherman through Georgia, except that this Georgia is a fabrication of each separated mind. The mind is separated because of self interest. The irony is that our true and best self interest depends on the rejection of self interest and then the separated mind becoming unified with the ONE MIND. Our best self interest is only known comprehensively through the eye of the true self and since God is love in the highest sense, it brings us back to love as expressed through Bhakti as the only certain road to success, spiritually. It is this singular truth that made the movement of Bhaktivedanta so popular, although this is seldom recognized and which is surrounded by an unnecessary complexity. Complexity serves the self interest of the priesthood, regardless of the religion it appears in and which explains the problems and obfuscations of the Catholic Church.
In so many ways it comes down to intention and the level of one’s sincerity in respect of the ineffable. You CANNOT bullshit the ineffable and it is on these features that the ineffable judges each of us. It is for the measurement of these; intention and sincerity that the ineffable sets tests and trials. Would that we knew that every test and trial is constructed to free us of the snares and confinements of our mistaken self interest, which compromises our intentions and level of sincerity. Yes… it is simple and it swallows its tail. Our self interest complicates it. If your view of the ineffable and your ‘game level’ awareness of existence is complicated, you should take the focus off of yourself; “Be not ye therefore like unto them, for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask Him.”
God already knows all that we need and desire and we are provided with the first automatically to the point that we permit it to occur. As for desire, that is dispensed according to what is in our best interests, regardless of what we think we want because we don’t know. We don’t know and that is the basic truth that we must accept so that we can be the recipient of; “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man, The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” It is beyond our comprehension. If we had only a glimmer of how much the ineffable loves us we would be measurably more secure in our comings and going.
Over and over, we stumble over the same obstacles that we do not see because our eyes are on the object of desire and we do not, ‘mind how we go.” One must become as a little child to enter the gates of heaven. What does this mean except that we must completely accept that we do not know. In times of material darkness there are basically two results that take place and the outcome is far, far more manifesting as the one over the other. The results are senility or regenerated innocence. Both are expressions of childhood returned and the only real success in one’s life is dependent on one outcome over the other. This is the ultimate success that anyone can realize. Everything else is failure. This is the opposite of what the world promotes and declares, at this time… because we are in an age of material darkness.
What we wrestle against is not simply our own ignorance and shortcomings but the peer pressure of everyone else affirming the common acceptance of wrongness. “walk contrary to the world in all things and then thou takest the nearest way to it.” That was said by the inimitable Jacob Bohme, a true mystic and… as a result, very much misunderstood. Meister Eckhart would be included in this group, as would Rumi and others. One might say that all mystics are poets but not all poets are mystics.
The state of poetry and mysticism in these times is degenerate. The state of music is degenerate. The state of art is degenerate. Witness the mindlessness of abstract art as an expression of rampant confusion. All of the clear water of the classic muses has been rendered into a toxic substance. True inspiration is conferred only upon the worthy. It could be said that few are worthy and those who are, are marginalized and mocked by the force that controls the focus of public awareness. When you degenerate what is meant to inspire us you wind up ‘living in interesting times’. You wind up as an example of- “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” One could easily replace the word, ‘vision’ with ‘inspiration’.
It has to mean everything to you. Once it means more than anything else, you are there. All that remains is to go through the motions, consciously and attentively; meaning not just going through the motions (grin).
Certain fundamental considerations must be made a living part of yourself; God is real! God is consciously a part of us because without God there is no consciousness. We are the intrusion. We are the rocks in the stream. The result is clumsy dancers that cannot hear the music. Those who allow the ineffable to express through them without resistance are not clumsy dancers. They hear the music. Rumi; “When I am silent, I fall into the place where everything is music.” I have experienced this more than once. Confirmation in spiritual things is a source of joy and bliss, not to mention a source of increased faith and certitude.
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