Explosive RFID Tags in New US Notes

Want to share an event with you, that we experienced this evening.. Dave had over $1000 dollars in his back pocket (in his wallet). New twenties were the lion share of the bills in his wallet. We walked into a truck stop/travel plaza and they have those new electronic monitors that are supposed to say if you are stealing something. But through every monitor, Dave set it off. He did not have anything to purchase in his hands or pockets. After numerous times of setting off these monitors, a person approached Dave with a ‘wand’ to swipe why he was setting off the monitors.

Believe it or not, it was his ‘wallet’. That is according to the minimum wage employees working at the truck stop! We then walked across the street to a store and purchased aluminum foil. We then wrapped our cash in foil and went thru the same monitors. No monitor went off.

We could have left it at that, but we have also paid attention to the European Union and the ‘rfid’ tracking devices placed in their money, and the blatant bragging of Walmart and many corporations of using ‘rfid’ electronics on every marketable item by the year 2005.

Dave and I have brainstormed the fact that most items can be ‘microwaved’ to fry the ‘rfid’ chip, thus elimination of tracking by our government.

So we chose to ‘microwave’ our cash, over $1000 in twenties in a stack, not spread out on a carasoul. Do you know what exploded on American money?? The right eye of Andrew Jackson on the new twenty, every bill was uniform in it’s burning… Isnt that interesting?

Now we have to take all of our bills to the bank and have them replaced, cause they are now ‘burnt’.

We will now be wrapping all of our larger bills in foil on a regular basis.

What we resent is the fact that the government or a corporation can track our ‘cash’. Credit purchases and check purchases have been tracked for years, but cash was not traceble until now…

Dave and Denise
Note the burnt right eye on the twenty dollar bill
Hi Henry. I’m writing you in regards to a your letter published on prisonplanet.com. I’ve conducted extensive research into RFID privacy and security and wanted to make a couple of corrections to your letter:

US banknotes are currently not labelled with RFID tags. US banknotes have had foil inlays in them for years. This of course would cause the bill to burn in a microwave and could possibly cause a theft detection gate to trigger. However, US banknotes do not have a transponder that broadcasts a unique ID.

Even if they did, there are still many technical considerations that would prevent effective tracking of RFID-tagged currency. Namely, stacking tag antennae together, close to the human body can effectively render many RFID technologies inoperative.

The reason I feel that it is important to correct this is that while US currency doesn’t currently have RFID tags, there are plans out there to start tagging Euro notes. While I think it is important to consider the privacy and security threats of RFID tagging, I also think we should be as accurate as possible when discussing those threats. I feel that conducting an informed debate will better further the cause of consumer privacy and that making inaccurate, sensationalist claims only undermines and dilutes the argument.

Thanks…Steve Weis