Hatred of Trump Reflects Century-Old Jewish Schism

henrymakow.com — March 18, 2018

Globalism and nationalism reflect a longtime rift between two factions of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy:  Communism Vs. Zionism respectively. 
Every nationalist party in Europe is also pro-Zionist. As Brendon O’Connell is trying to tell us, don’t assume that Putin isn’t also Jewish-controlled.
political secrets Bielsky_Louis_The_soviet-israelite_claw_strangles_the_arabs In this 1965 document, right, Louis Bielsky explained the Cold War was due to Stalin’s “nationalist” determination to usurp control of Jewish world hegemony (Communism) from the “globalist” i.e. Rothschild bankers in London and New York City. 
Fast forward to the present and Israel has inherited Stalin’s “nationalist” mantle. 
With the support of Russia, China and Iran,  Israel also has Trump doing its bidding. As Brendon O’Connell wrote yesterday, the conflict between Israel and Iran is theatre that serves the interest of all concerned. 
The Rothschild globalists (Communists) who control Western Europe want to stop the Zionist (nationalist) usurpation of the Masonic Jewish World Order. They are the “Deep State.” 
Throughout history, the center of Jewish power hopscotched across Europe —Venice, Spain, Holland, England (the”British” Empire), —– finally crossing to America. Does the future involve the transfer of Jewish power from the West to Russia, China & Israel? Can the current acrimony against Russia be understood in terms of the globalist faction attacking the nationalist one? Is this conflict real or just a way to control events by controlling both sides? 
Here is the background to this apparent rift in the Jewish power structure.

Library of Political Secrets: The Soviet Israelite Claw Strangles the Arabs 


The struggle between Stalin and the State of Israel, which he had enthusiastically supported, came about in the following way.
After the crypto-Jews Roosevelt and Harry Salomon Truman delivered Eastern Europe and China to their Israelite brother Stalin, according to Hebrew plans to establish communist dictatorship all over the world, Stalin’s paranoic aspirations of power made him feel almost as if he were the master of the world, desiring to become, as we said, the supreme leader of International Judaism.
This provoked, at the end of 1948, a rupture between Stalin and the Stalinist Jewish communities on the one hand and the rest of International Judaism on the other.
 In this case, the differences between Stalin and Stalinist Judaism, which were being discussed and resolved for some time in the parliamentary way it has been usually for many centuries, in the Jewish secret Universal Rabbinical Synodus, came to the extreme of totally breaking the institutional unity of International Israel.
Psychopaths like Stalin have the ability to manipulate susceptible individuals to the point where the mimic the psychopaths mindsetStalin and his secret sect disregarded the authority of the World Jewish Congress and of Bernard Baruch, over the Israelite communities of the Soviet Union and of the red satellite States in Eastern Europe. At the same time, they extended the schism all over the world, trying to attract to Stalin the greatest possible number of Jews.
In Russia and in the satellite States he was able to impose the schism by brutal force, murdering or jailing every Israelite who opposed him. On the contrary, in the free world, it was possible to attract to schismatic Stalinism only a small minority of fanatic and activist Jews. The outcome of this temporal schism inside the people of Israel spread all over the world was harmful to its revolutionary enterprise.


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