Brendon O’Connell – Putin & Netanyahu Are Thick As Thieves — March 18, 2018

netanyahu_putinDon’t Let Pro-Putin Theatre Fool You
According to Brendon O’Connell, Russia, Israel, China, and Iran are in bed together. Israel intends to bleed the US dry and kick the carcass to the curb. 
“The money is in praising Iran and Russia and if you are smart and careful, Trump. There is BIG money.
It takes a f**king man to stand up as I have, very publicly from a very vulnerable position and state the self-evident – Russia and Iran are working with Israel at the highest levels.”
This article was taken from Brendon’s reply to “Chris” a detractor.

By Brendon O’Connell — ( 

Unlike most of the commentators Chris, I was THERE in Tehran for three months, hanging with government analysts and being handled by a lawyer whose family were close to the Shah and Rafsanjani.
In fact, their home was in the famous town of Khansar, Iran, home of the foreign minister Zarif – that’s where they hid me for six weeks. THAT’S who I was amongst and they did NOT want to talk about Israel NOR the Talpiot Program and Israels high technology program. I had to threaten them to get them to give me permission to organize a conference and their behavior became so bizarre I left. There was no conference. INSTEAD! They hold intellectual WANK conferences on books by E.Michael Jones.
It’s intellectual WANK. It does not address the GIANT elephant in the living room – Israel is controlling…everything. I have explained it in the video ISRAELS SECRET WEAPON – THE TALPIOT PROGRAM. You cannot wake up people in the military, corporate and political world with a book by E. Michael Jones though what he says is certainly interesting and useful. You wake them up with the PRESENT national security risk to the United States – Israel. The Talpiot Program. The greatest Soviet type era security penetration of the United States, ever. In history – and it is sitting in front of people.

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