Looking to Dogs for Family

Dads as Alpha Wolves

“People used to get dogs for their children,” my wife observed.

“Now they get dogs instead of children.”

“Instead of husbands and wives as well,” I added.

Marriage and family have been sabotaged by feminist social engineering. Even Ken and Barbie have not been spared.

People are turning to dogs for love, belonging and a sense of family.

A month ago we adopted “Raffi”, a one-year-old Retriever/Spaniel from the pound. My wife always had a dog. I didn’t realize how they can instantly create a family atmosphere.

We chose Raffi because he wasn’t barking and he still doesn’t. He just whines or looks sorrowful when he wants something. He is intelligent, cooperative and affectionate.

Having a Dog Means Never Being Alone Wolf

Dogs are pack animals like their wolf progenitors. They hunt and fend off enemies together. They have an innate sense of hierarchy and group solidarity that we have forgotten.

Raffi likes to be with me all of the time. He sits vigil when I go out and becomes ecstatic when I return. He jumps in the air and kisses my cheek. How many people are this happy to see us?

I am the alpha wolf. I feed and look after him.

No longer are we a childless working couple. We are a wolf pack. The house is our den. A couple of bones are strewn on the carpet. Raffi sleeps under the bed. Sometimes he snores or dreams tiny barks and growls. When there is a noise, he scrambles to investigate.

We have become a family. Raffi is like our child. We discuss his diet and bowel movement, buy him toys and take him for walks. I give him bbq pork ribs. He isn’t a substitute for a kid but rather a preparation. If we can enjoy this, maybe we will be ready for a child.

Last night at 4 a.m. Raffi awoke me with a tiny bark. He had not had his usual “dump” so I assumed this was an emergency. By the time I got dressed, he was sound asleep again. Oh well!

Every Boy Should Own a Dog

Owning a dog would have prepared me for becoming a father and husband. It teaches stewardship. You learn to be responsible for another creature’s well being.

Raffi brings out my parental instincts. I live vicariously and find that it’s actually better than self-absorption. I take pleasure in Raffi’s happiness, vitality, and shiny black coat. I admire his speed and grace. He is the “Seabiscuit” of mutts.

Raffi has gravitated to me as the alpha wolf. I am training him to obey my commands so that the home is harmonious and I can keep him out of trouble. I have disciplined him when he growled at us, or insisted on pursuing other dogs.

This is what being a father used to be like. A father prepares his children for life. He imposes his vision and will. He teaches them values, goals and self-discipline. He wins their assent by virtue of his example, strength of character and fairness.

The same principles apply to husbands. The verb “husband” means to “manage and conserve.” A man makes a woman feel needed as his wife and as a mother. He provides security and leadership so that she can thrive. Of course he consults and tries to please her.

The most important quality in a wife is to believe in her husband, acquiesce and cooperate. There is nothing more debilitating for a man than a demanding controlling wife.

Feminism teaches girls not to trust males and to become “strong and independent.” They are told a woman is raped every ten seconds and to imagine a perpetual scream.

Feminism fronts for the promotion of lesbian disorder by the media and government. It is designed to destroy the family in advance of New World Order tyranny. http://www.savethemales.ca/000185.html

What Women Want

Women are looking for men who have the confidence and authority to tell them what to do. They are looking for men they can trust enough to obey.

They are constantly testing men. Many men fail because they will do anything for sex. These men have no substance, will power, direction or vision. Women are not interested in them.

Sex isn’t what men really want anyway. If men made love and marriage their first priority, sex would come naturally. Women want a home.

Dogs, women and children have a couple of things in common. They need to be loved and provided for. They need to be nurtured and led.
A man has a strong instinct to “look after” the creatures he loves. They become part of his sphere of self-interest.

A man needs to build up his self-confidence and moral authority so that a woman can trust him. He can do this by accomplishing practical goals and dedicating himself to truthful ones.

The happiest families are those where the alpha wolf is dad.

Henry Makow, Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of “A Long Way to go or a Date.” His past articles exposing feminism and the new world order are archived on his web site www.savethemales.ca He enjoys receiving comments at henryatsavethemales.ca