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Visible Origami – December 25, 2010

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Now comes the year of transition. We approach whatever personal myth we may be anticipating or in apprehension of with the coming of 2012. It stands to reason that 2011 is going to prove to be as life changing as anyone might expect, being the year of entry into the year of prophecy, spoken of by so many cultures and predicted and defined by such precise and arcane mathematics.

One of the reasons, possibly the main reason that massive transformation is assured, is that so many people are expecting it and the conditions of life reflect the state of the human mind. The world reflects the state of the human mind as it is shaped and misshapen by the particular generations of a particular age. The human mind is just a particularization of the one mind, or rather, a point at which the personal accesses the cosmic mind. Another reason that assures massive transformation is the state of the world.

The cosmic mind is influenced by the generational perceptions of the aggregate personal mind, which is how you get pervasive decadence and religious insanity. The cosmic mind reacts to the mass movements of the personal mind at different points and that’s how you get periods of awakening, cultural rejuvenation and widespread catastrophe. Nature is the manifest representation of the ruling and invisible, all encompassing consciousness and that explains why Nature erupts in different ways, at different times, when the mass of humanity has moved far enough afield from the golden mean, to begin injuring and pissing her off. It’s as much of a mathematical pissoff as it is a personal reaction from something with perceptions and makeup of a greater order than the human and therefore not comprehensible to the human. Of course, just because you are human, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. It’s just a stage you’re going through.

Back in the days of Mithras, where they celebrated and understood The Sun King, before he became Louis of France and lost his head dying for his own sins instead of proving his immortality by dying for yours, there were cultures to support the deeper truths, without having to understand them. Back when civilization meant being civilized, instead of pretending to be realized, by virtue of the possession of complex technologies, destined to destroy it, life was somewhat easier, if no less fatal.

Certain historians make much of the brutality of earlier times, without much seeing the brutality of the one in which they are penning their vain epistles to how little they know. In these times, historians base their speculations on what is most likely to allow them to be published. A casual scan of who controls the publishing world and academia should give a clue to which version of history is permitted and which is not; whether it even happened or not.

Historians and other academics of these times are an interesting breed. They shape minds according to the demands and requirements of the marketplace, which is a sure sign that they are pawns of the industries and corporations, which air the music they dance to. It goes without saying that their minds were as easily shaped by the same process. Maybe they know what they are and maybe they don’t. It doesn’t change it.

You’ll note a pervasive similarity between all of the religions, with the exception of the Hindu/Buddhist schematic, as it is understood by the wiser minds within it; the less wise make Hinduism and Buddhism just as rigid as their competitors. Every one of these religions insists that their founder spoke the only truth and symbolized the only way. It doesn’t matter that everything they believe was grafted upon its predecessor, which had the same tenets outlined according to the needs of their particular time.

This oppressive and limiting insistence upon being the only way is the clearest evidence that they have lost their way and that’s why new founders appear at regular intervals to show the way yet one more time. Each time, the new founders are met with the resistance of the institutions that they are destined to recycle and each time the institutions fall and get remade for their own period of mind gaming the populations, shortly after the founder has done his curtain call. From that point on, its just folly mating with ignorance until what should be seen as an embarrassment, is celebrated as genius by those controlling and interpreting it for their own profit and the profit of those they actually serve. You know all of this and, if you don’t, you don’t know much.

People live troubled lives because they do not question authority. That means every kind of authority; political, religious, economic and cultural. If I left anyone out they are included too. Accept nothing you have been told until you have proven it to be true. You can ‘incline’ toward what you cannot prove and believe it may be true but you’re more and more a fool every time you take something on someone else’s say so. I can’t tell you how many times someone assured me of something and I found it wasn’t so. Now, when I hear someone speak I say, “Oh, so that’s how it looks to him/her. Then I study what it is they believe so that the motive for it will present itself and… it always does. I can measure a person’s fear and reactive potential to real truth, according to their willingness to accept what others tell them.

It doesn’t matter that we are in a dark age, as far as how you can authoritatively live your life. The darkness of the age is only an indication of the darkness of the human mind. If your mind is not dark then the world you live in isn’t either. A real power accrues to you to the degree that you opt to live in timeless space, instead of the time and place of the contemporary hallucination. Technologies and bad sciences have come and gone for stretches of time beyond your counting. Religions have been around for as long as the unknown. How long has the unknown been around? It’s been around forever. Religion is a human construct, an attempt to put confining dimensions on the unknown. It can’t be done. It only turns into a travesty of limitation, as twisted and messed up as our present day understandings of psychology and medicine. The medical practice of today is anything but a healing modality. It is geared toward maximum profit generated by those for whom disease is a growth industry.

They poison the environment and encourage you to eat bad food, simply because they are invested in your becoming sick. The pharmaceutical industry is composed of real life vampires, engaged in things far darker than you might suspect. You don’t need any of their crap and the only things that really work are illegal or suppressed and the one’s behind making them illegal and suppressing them is the pharmaceutical industry and the other tentacles of the octopus monster that is the global corporate, temporal authority. One individual who has freed their mind is more powerful than this entire entity. The power latent within every human being is greater than all the darkness that can be arrayed against it. There are people walking the Earth right now who make remarkable changes in the world at every point where they are moving through it and it takes place without anyone seeing it happen. Those who have freed their mind have freed it from those forces which are the source of all bondage; vanity, glamour, ambition, greed, fear, unbridled appetite and the host of other longstanding enemies of humanity in it’s recurrent confinements of the past, the present and what is certain to come in the future.

The road starts where you are standing and it leads where you are headed. The geography and direction do not matter. It is the intention and aspiration which determine the events you encounter. The scenery of the illusionary world grows more and more transparent as its power to influence your thought and perception diminishes. This is an ancient condition that exists forever within the cycling state of ages, cultures and lives. It is hidden in the midst. It is calling out the way but cannot be heard because the voices imploring you to go in the wrong direction have a greater amplification, having been listened to more and being more pronounced in power due to the nature of these times.

A new year is coming and it is headed directly toward 2012. There is no way that it arrives anywhere else. It is up to you how you travel this year, in the consistency of your daily thoughts, words and actions. From here you can go anywhere. It’s up to you if you do. No matter what, ‘somewhere’ will be the result.

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