With enemies like this….

Irish Savant — March 10, 2018

My second last post was block-pilled and pessimistic and for rational reasons. But there are times when the actions of our enemies give me hope. Her I refer to those who want to destroy people of European heritage by way of  feminism and social atomisation (hence population decline), miscegenation or where possible by direct physical means as in South Africa. And we are right to be worried in that they control the commanding heights of our societies, the money, media, entertainment, education and the think thanks.
But this full-spectrum dominance also represents a weakness in that in breeds over-confidence and obscures what ordinary people (those targeted for elimination) are thinking and feeling. I.e. on-the-ground reality. Take this piece written for Fox News by one Rabbi Abraham Cooper as an example:
“Extremists in the Alt-Right movement reject the rules laid out by social media companies and others to curb online hate.  The U.S.-based extremists are recasting neo-Nazism, xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and white supremacism with a new vocabulary (e.g. “It’s OK to Be White,” “Stop White Genocide”). An entire subculture of hate is taking shape online ranging from Pepe the Frog’s icon to gaming apps to t-shirts—all using insiders’ vocabulary.”
goyimknowHow tone-deaf, how lacking in empathy can you get? Because something deep within even the most cucked, comatose White will be aroused by a Jew claiming that “It’s OK to Be White”  and “Stop White Genocide” represent a ‘sub-culture of hate‘.  The reader comments surviving the censors’ beady eye (remember this is Fox News, where grovelling to the Tribe is mandatory) bear this out. “Your media, Hollywood, banking system, corporate and government control, and education system absolutely hammers us for the last 25 years, and we cannot meekly say “it’s okay to be white”?” was not an untypical response.
The rabbi’s solution?  ‘We must use every tool in our own powerful arsenal to reach digital-savvy teens and young adults with compelling messages of inclusion, compassion and love.
Yeah, sure, rabbi, I can so feeeeel your love for us. And who exactly are ‘we‘, rabbi? You remind me of Obama hectoring Americans with ‘that’s not who we are’. And for once he was telling the truth. Because Americans are not half-breed Kenyan homosexuals. Neither are they a tiny hostile ‘elite’ bent on their own destruction.
And destroyed we might be in due course. Then again your arrogance, solipsism and lack of empathy remind me of the frozen leaders of the Soviet Union waving from atop Lenin’s tomb, blissfully unaware that with a few years the world as they knew it would collapse around them.