Thailand-A Good Country for Old White Men — March 9, 2018

White males may escape persecution and insanity in the West and spend their remaining years in a humane environment, says Peter Clark. After 15 years, he is still congratulating himself on his move. 

by Peter Clark — for

Some of the attractions of life in Thailand. Click to enlarge

Some of the attractions of life in Thailand. Click to enlarge

Bangkok – If you remember what life in America was like, 30-40 years ago, there is at least one country where it is possible to live today in similar safety and comfort. The country is Thailand. I’ve been living in Thailand nearly 15 years. I’m a retired business owner from Midwest USA. Over age 70 now.

Stay or Flee from the “Homeland”?

With problems in the “homeland” getting worse, I decided to escape while escape was still possible. That decision has vastly increased liberty and comfort and safety in my daily life. Plus provided a level of respect that has disappeared for white men in the USA today.

To escape from what?

  • From government intrusion into every corner of life in the name of “security”.
  • From government laws and regulations that choke off every avenue of individual initiative, from running a small business to growing vegetables in one’s own yard.
  • From “empowered” attitudes of various “minority” groups (which I don’t need to name).

With comfort:

Here in Thailand, I live in a middle-class style similar to the USA 30-40 years ago, with all modern conveniences: high-speed Internet and shopping malls, air-conditioning and Uber cars. Plus familiar foods like rib-eye steak, fish tacos, apple pie, and Haagen Dazs ice cream.
Along with a wide range of services like restaurant delivery and maid service, Uber has not only eliminated my need to own a car, but Uber delivers meals, too. The best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten, are delivered from a local restaurant by Uber in Bangkok. As for my maid, she washes and irons clothes, cleans the bathroom, dusts furniture, sweeps and mops the floors, washes any dishes I’ve left in the sink and, yes, she does windows.
Capable doctors and dentists are available quickly. When I needed a kidney stone removed, I called one of the major hospitals in Bangkok for an appointment. “You can come in right after lunch,” said the receptionist. “The urologist is available anytime after 1:00 o’clock this afternoon.” When I arrived about 12:45, the urologist was sitting in his office waiting for me. He removed the kidney stone (by ultrasound) and I was back home a few hours later. Can you expect that kind of medical care where you are now?

Government here:


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