My Tinder Horror Story — March 6, 2018

tinderThe author is a male model and trainer in his thirties. The women mentioned are in their twenties and live in Boston. Having lived abroad for five years, he was shocked at what he found when he used Tinder to meet women. 
“Women seem to be even more depraved than just five or ten years ago.  On the other hand, I am sure that more and more gen x and millennial men are waking up.  A few years ago if you talked about any of this literally no one got it.  Now more than half the men I talk to notice something is up.  Things are accelerating.”

by Robert — ( 

One most effective weapons the elite currently use to destroy healthy society is the dating apps. There no place to see more clearly the destructive effects third-wave feminism has had on the West. This article is the personal account of for a typical man using Tinder in 2018.
At first glance, the Tinder app looks like a dream come true to any attractive man in the metro area. Thousands of attractive women are available at your fingertips. With good looks, you can get hundreds of matches in a matter of days. If you are a man looking an attractive woman for a serious relationship in this dystopian world it appears your chances just increased a thousandfold. The scene in most bars and establishments where people go to meet is so bleak in this day and age, Tinder appears to be a lifeline, but it is anything but.
If a man has any regard or hope left for modern young women Tinder can destroy it in a matter of weeks. I matched with a beautiful woman within minutes of downloading the app. I immediately struck up a conversation with the purpose of scheduling dinner date, she quickly asked to move the conversation to snapchat, which seemed like a fine idea. Within a few messages, she simply demanded to see my penis to continue the conversation.
This certainly threw me for a curve since I had been out of online dating for a while. I had assumed it was normally men asking for this, not the other way around. I tried to keep the conversation going and work around the demand, but after a few more messages she didn’t reply.
I assumed this was probably an isolated situation but I was dead wrong. The very next match initiated phone sex over snapchat literally 10 minutes into the conversation. I literally went through this exact scenario a dozen times in the matter of a  couple of weeks. They are not interested in a dinner date, they simply want to start some sort of cyber-sex relationship before you have even met in person.

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